Latest version: g2v16 (released 23.06.2012)
Beta version: g2v17 (released 16.01.2013)


Welcome to OSCAR Home Page.
OSCAR is a tool to help you in your daily struggle to find the latest and best subtitles for your favorite movies/series as fast as possible.
It eliminates the need to search various web site storages with movies/series subtitles, finding the correct version and then synchronizing it if the timestamps do not match.
The idea is simple: Tell me what video file(s) you have and I'll tell you what subtitle files match your videos exactly.
This is achieved by calculating a unique hash for your video file and then matching this hash to subtitle files stored on the remote server. This way you get a list of subtitle files that match (99% of the time, there's always a small margin for error because the system relies on users and people sometimes make mistakes) your video, just one click and chosen subtitle files are downloaded to your computer for your viewing pleasure.
Built specifically for the Windows 32bit platforms (tested on WinXP/Vista).
The latest version of OSCAR can always be downloaded here.


OpenSubtitles Team
for creating site and implementing and improving OSDb protocol (server side)
XML-RPC Library for Delphi, Kylix and DWPL (DXmlRpc)
Lars B. Dybdahl
GNU Gettext for Delphi, application multi-language support
for creating a wonderful RAD environment, Delphi
for creating all the great and helpful components
... and others who contributed to this project ...

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