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Hello. I have already finished school, but my account is still alive. I don't know for how long it will remain online.

I have discontinued work on ATR3 because of little interest. I will keep the site online until I can, but there will be no more updates to the game nor the site.

As I'm no longer a student of this school, I also don't have access to the mail account, i. e. sending mail to me about the program is a waste of time, I WILL NOT REPLY TO ANY MAILS 'COS I WON'T READ THEM.

Anyway, to those few of you who liked my game and enjoyed playing it, I would like to thank a lot for giving me the feeling that I haven't completely wasted my time creating it. I really had fun programming it, and I'm a bit sorry that people didn't like it that much...

Oh yeah, I HEREBY GIVE MY PERMISSION TO POST THIS GAME ON ANY INTERNET SITE AS LONG AS IT REMAINS IN THE ORIGINAL STATE. If anybody cares to not let ATR3 die, please put it for download on your homepage. If I find such a homepage, it will give me a really good feeling... If not...well, I know you don't like the program much, so I think it's also ok...

Well, that's it.


What is this all about?
Download Section
ATR3 Online Documentation
ATR3 Online Documentation - German
Site and Program Updates


There is a little error in the ATR3 manual (the one in .htm format). It concerns scanners which return precision.
The manual says "0 means right in front of the scanner". This is not true, since the arc of the scanner is divided into slices of exactly the same angle for each possible value of precision.
The correct statement should therefore be "0 means somewhere in front of the scanner". This error will be corrected in future versions of the manual.
Sorry for any trouble this has caused.



New tournament results in freestyle and shooter categories: new champion for size class 4!

Older News:

A German version of the ATR3 Documentation is out. Special thanx to Andreas Kobuaritsch for the translation.
The translation comes with no warranty, I have not read or corrected it.

Important! If anyone would like to be notified via email when this site or the program is updated, send me an email.

ATR3 v3.03a with NEW INSTALLATION PROGRAM is out!!! Check out the Download Section and get a copy right away!

Haloween Superbash results posted. Check out the Tournaments section for a listing.

There is a new hint. Check out the Hints section to read what it says.

I must appologize to all you people who really like this game. I know I said this many times before, but it's true - I've been really very busy the last couple of months and had no time at all to do some of the ATR3-business. I will do my best in the future to make it up to you people and not to make long breaks again.
Thanx to all you people who stayed with me and were patient.

ATR3 v3.03a is out!!! Check out the Download Section and get a copy right away!

Haloween Superbash tournament closed. Results will be available asap (probably next week).

The Haloween Superbash deadline is no longer Monday, but it is now Tuesday, October 29.

The first new robots in the non-stop tournament with great results! Will anyone stop their reign over the shooter and freestyle categories?

Sorry for the mistake I made in the result table for shooter category class 1. The columns Percent and Wins were accidently exchanged.

Check out the details of the "Halloween Superbash"! Go to the Tournaments section right away!


Your robot creations wanted! Check out the Tournaments section right away!

ATR3 v3.03 is out!!! Check out the Download Section and get a copy right away!

Thanx to Mr. Arnal again, for finding the precision bug. Now it really works as it should! There are also some other bug fixes and improvements.

Though I have practically no free time at all at the moment, because of the raised interest in ATR3 I decided to bring out a new version with some bug fixes afterall. All of you who are thankful to me - you should thank Mr. Christophe Arnal, who showed big interest and also sent me some of his bots and inspired me to "wipe the dust off" of ATR3. Merci Christophe! :)

One more thing: It seems to me that everyone is using shooter weapons! What about the impact weapons? I think they are more fun, and also a bigger programming challenge! So start working and impress me (and maybe others)!

Hello all you people. The situation with ATR3 is not very good at the moment. I am very busy these days, I have important exams coming up in September, I also work full-time at the moment, I have really no time at all working on ATR3. Hopefully after the exam I will have some time to make some promises true (tournaments, new versions etc.). I am very sorry and hope you understand. Good luck to you all, and thanks for the support and your interest in ATR3. Mio

I found a bug in the Weigh Robot procedure. If comments were in the #equip section of the code, there was an equipment error when the robot was just weighed, but it could be compiled without problems. The program now allows weighing the robot with comments inside the #equip section as well.

I also enlarged the Robot List, so that 4 robots can be seen in each column.

I considered these such minor changes, that a new version number was not suitable for the updated program, hence the version number v3.02a.

As promised, in ATR3 v3.02 the Robot List and the robots in it are now easier to handle. It also introduces a new feature - registering .at3 and .atc as file types known to the Windows Explorer. It also comes with a bug fix, the Save Settings bug has been fixed.

Now I'm gonna concentrate on starting the tournaments, so be ready for that. No new version of the program is planned at this time.

One thing that may interest you: you don't have to worry about writing robots for v3.02 knowing that new versions will come out in the future. The robots will be perfectly compatible thanx to the object oriented implementation of the program.
Changes to existing equipment may occur - if I find out that e.g. some weapon makes too much damage but isn't heavy enough etc. I haven't gotten to extensive testing of the robot equipment equilibrium so far, that's why some inconsistency may appear. If you find out about any inconsistency of the equipment, please email me.
The ports and instructions however won't change.

Scan Arcs: I've implemented scan arcs in v3.01, but only for the arc scanners, because radars and locators can see the whole arena, so I thought this wouldn't make any sense.
The arc is visible all the time, not only if the robot makes a scan - because of the object oriented implementation of the game it was easier to do it this way.
Also it's not possible to turn the arcs on and off during a battle. This limitation has to do with simulation speed.
I think this kind of implementation of scan arcs offers the same possibilities as the one in ATR2.

I found an error in the ATR3 Documentation (ATR3.htm). In the Robot Architecture section, in the description of Program Memory, the addressing space should be 1024 - 4095, NOT 1024 - 3071 as written in the old version. The error has been removed in the documentation to ATR3 v3.01 and also in the ATR3 Online Documentation.

I also found a bug in the program itself. With Arc-Scanners, the actual scan arc was 1 aunit thinner than the arc width setting. As a result, if the arc width was 0, no target was ever found. I fixed this bug in ATR3 v3.01.
I have to thank Lawrence for the idea of implementing scan arcs. The implementation led to the discovery of the bug.


What is this all about?

AT-Robots is a programming game, where you equip and program robots in an x86-assembly-like programming language to let them fight in a simulated battle arena.
The concept is not originally my idea, thus the version number 3. The creator of the original AT-Robots is Ed T. Toton III and NecroBones Enterprises. The newest version he created is ATR 2.10, which is already 3 years old and runs under DOS.
My attempt was not to steal the idea of NecroBones, but rather extend it and explore some more possibilities such a great idea offers.
ATR3 is not intended to wipe NecroBones' ATR2 off the surface of the Earth! I know many (and maybe all) users of ATR2 will not stop using it because of the existence of ATR3. But hopefully, some of you robot maniacs out there will also use ATR3 and create some great robots for it as well.
So that this whole thing makes some sense, I'm starting an ongoing tournament where you can test your creations against others. Check the Tournaments section for details.

This product includes software developed by Ed T. Toton III & NecroBones Enterprises.


Download Section

This section holds everything you need to start using the game. All archives are in ZIP format, though I personally hate ZIP! But there were some people asking for it, so here u are. The newest WinZIP can be found in the Archivers section of TuCows.

AT-Robots 3 Program - v3.03 - executables, documentation and help

AT-Robots 3 Sample Robots - not much of these yet, I've been busy programming the game itself



I decided to create own sites for all users of ATR3, where I will post their robots and any other ATR3-related stuff they want and allow me to post.

You can send robots via e-mail. Subject has to be "Users". The robots have to be attached, either in .atc or in .at3 format. I PRESERVE THE RIGHT to post all robot files attached to e-mails with the subject "Users" on this site.

In the e-mail you HAVE TO write any other stuff you want me to post on "your" site (like your e-mail address etc.).


Christophe Arnal Team



This section holds useful tips which were undocumented anywhere inside the ATR3 documentation and help files, but which I consider quite useful.

Hint 1. When you create an .atc file out of your robot, any comments are lost. You can however write anything after the end of the encoded robot. For this purpose, each .atc file has a cr/lf character combination on its end. So just move to the (!!!) very (!!!) end of the .atc file and include info you wanna share! DO NOT press any button when the editor's cursor is above the encoded robot part of the file, otherwise the robot tends not to work.
Note: you have to do this using an external editor, since the editor built into ATR3 doesn't support editing compiled robots.

Hint 2. I discovered an interesting "bug" of ATR3 lately, which I must say is not removable, at least not while using WINAPI functions for drawing (those of you who don't have a clue what WINAPI is - don't bother...). I found out that the color depth of the graphic card affects the speed of the robot battle simulation.
I tried 256 colors - it was f***ing slow! I also tried 32bit (true) color - it was also sh*t. Only 16bit (high) color mode seems to work perfectly.
Maybe it's a matter of my graphic card (which is really bullsh*t), I don't know. Well, if you want to find out, try changing the color depth using Control Panel - Display - Settings.
My suggestion is to use the High Color (16bit) setting.



Well, the time has finally come! Here are the tournaments, for all you people who make robots to WIN!

Submission Rules - read, contains important copyright notice!

Robots for all tournaments can be submitted via e-mail as attachments in .atc format.
For the non-stop tournaments, the subject of the e-mail has to be "tour category(class)", where "category" is the name of the tournament and "class" is a number between 1 and 4 - the tournament size class.
For special tournaments, the subject has to be "tour name", where "name" is the name of the special tournament.
If you want to put your robot(s) into more tournaments, no problem: just set the e-mail subject to "tour category(class); category(class); ..." (i.e. divide the tournament names by semicolons ";").

I PRESERVE THE RIGHT to post submitted COMPILED robots (.atc files) on this web page, BUT ONLY in the Tournaments section, and without any additional information (no info about the creator, his e-mail address etc.). If you would like to post other information along with your robots (like your e-mail, source files of the robots, etc.), check out the Users section for details.

Non-Stop Tournaments

These tournaments are named "tournament_category : tounament_class", where "category" is the name of the tournament and "class" is the allowed size class.

The best 5 robots, according to percent of won matches, are the competitors.
The submitted robot will be put up against these competitors, and will fight 60 matches with each of them separately. After that, the competitors will also fight 60 matches against each other, also separately.
This means, in the end, every robot will have faught 300 matches (5 opponents x 60 matches).
The robots will be lined up according to their percent of matches they've won (like in the table in the program) and the robot occupying the last (6th) place will fall out of the tournament. The first 5 will stay in the tournament.
You can explicitly state in your robot submission mail that you'd like to be notified via e-mail when the results of your robots appear in the tables. I am offering that service.
Settings: Time Limit = 10.000 gcycles; Screen Resolution = 1024 x 768.
Note: Until there are not 5 but less competitors in the tournaments, there is a change in numbers: In each round, every robot will fight (300/number of opponents) matches. This will be applied until the number of opponents reaches 5 - then the above rules will be applied.

Good luck!

Freestyle : 1, 2, 3, 4

Impact : 1, 2, 3, 4

Shooter : 1, 2, 3, 4

Special Events

No special events at the moment.

Haloween Superbash Results


Site and Program Updates



AT-Robots 2 Homepage - the original game by Ed T. Toton III
Robot Wars(R) Homepage - another one of my inspirations for the game
Real Robots Magazine - a German magazine about robots

Katherine Heigl Online - the girl of my dreams... hey, HANDS OFF!!! :-))

TuCows - a neat shareware and freeware site, with a lot of useful stuff.

Komenius University of Bratislava, Slovakia - my school



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