Latest version: 3.03a (released 06.02.2003)
Beta version: maybe, maybe not :)


Welcome to ATR3 Home Page.
Welcome to AT-Robots version 3. If you used ATR2 before, you know what this is all about, altough there are some great changes made to the original, in fact, it's completely overwritten. You write programs in an x86-assembly-like language to control robots fighting in a simulated arena, and you also equip them with various devices including many kinds of engines, weapons etc.
Built specifically for the Windows 32bit platforms (tested on WinXP).
The latest version of ATR3 can always be downloaded here.

Special note

The idea of this game is not mine.
The creator of the original AT-Robots was, is and will forever remain Ed T. Toton III & NecroBones Enterprises.
The original program is ATR2, available at
This version, ATR3, brings a lot of fundamental changes to nearly every aspect of the original ATR2, including total reprogramming of all data structures and implementation of an object oriented architecture.
But since the idea is not mine, know this:
This product includes software developed by Ed T. Toton III & NecroBones Enterprises.


Bones (Ed T. Toton III)
Original Concept
Mio (Richard Bartelt)
New Concept, Design, Programming
for creating a wonderful RAD environment, Delphi
Thanx also to RobotWars(R)
for a lot of inspiration and motivation.
... and others who contributed to this project ...
Other credits include:
AT-Robots 3 (c) 2002 Richard Bartelt
AT-Robots 2 (c) 1997 Ed T. Toton III
AT-Robots (c) 1992 Ed T. Toton III
T-Robots (c) 1991 Ed T. Toton III
P-Robots (c) 1988 David Malmberg
C-Robots (c) 1985 Tom Poindexter

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