New Boost Flow, UI Improvements, Theme Update, bug fixes



Release Notes




  • New Boost flow allows you to use Boosts directly from the fight flow!
  • UI improvements to help simplify Ranking Up Champions and accessing the Stash!
  • Alliance War UI improvements to help explain exploration, rewards, and map difficulty.
  • The Civil War has subsided, and Faction selection has ended in the Battlerealm.
  • New 5-Star Champions are coming!
  • Performance/Memory changes and improvements.

New Boost Flow:

  • You can now use/purchase boosts directly from the fight flow.
  • Previously, players would need to leave the fight mode they were on, enter the inventory, apply the boosts, and return to their fight screen.
  • New boost flow includes a button in your Summoner Profile, on all Questboard screens, in the Edit Team Screens, and in the pre-fight screen. Selecting this button opens a popup, where you can use/purchase boosts without leaving the current mode!

UI Improvements (General):

  • On the Champions screen, the Rank Up arrow in the upper-right corner of a Champion tile now changes color, depending on if you have the proper Catalyst upgrade materials or not (blue if you can upgrade the Champion, grey if you cannot).
  • You can now access the Stash while on the Upgrade Champion screen.

UI Improvements (Alliance Wars):

  • Exploration percentage is now displayed in War Progress to help reinforce that the progress bar is about exploration, not points.
  • Map difficulty will now be indicated on the Alliance Wars landing screen.
  • Participation earning percentage will now be explained when the rewards Mail Message is sent out, as well as on the History Rewards screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Over 60 bugs have been fixed in this patch, including 23 Crashes/Exceptions.
  • Fixed a rare issue where levelling up to level 60 would not increase the Tier 4 Catalyst inventory cap.
  • Fixed an issue where user teams would remain locked in an AvA/AvE past expiry.
  • Fixed a rare issue where ranking up a Champion when server maintenance began would lock the user at a non-max level.
  • Once Alliance Wars History has been viewed, the notification badge will go away as intended.
  • A cosmetic issue when switching between Global and Regional Leaderboards has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Special Attack button hitbox being smaller than the visible button.
  • Various performance optimizations across low-end iOS, Android, and Samsung devices (more details below).

Performance/Memory/Load Times/Frame Rate Changes and Improvements:

  • We reduced the overall data we call down from the servers substantially. This means a slight increase to speed up load times, and a lower memory footprint.
  • Improved memory when backing out of questboards, or performing multiple quests.
  • Fixed a memory leak when upgrading several Champions.
  • Improved total memory usage when logging in, or disconnecting. This will results in fewer crashes during reconnecting and initially logging in, or switching accounts. Improved this in some cases by ~40MB in savings.
  • Improved(Reduced) overall memory usage in Champions, Upgrade, Stash, and Crystal Vault screens. Biggest savings were in the Crystal Vault.
  • Better optimize and clean up textures during screen transitions. Minor improvements across the entire game.
  • We are continuing our investigations into improving frame rate during combat, and reducing overall stuttering. We made some minor improvements to the HUD for 9.0.0, this may help some users.
  • We have identified a few stutters during Non-Interactive Sequences, these require a significant amount of work, and will be ongoing in future updates. Memory was our primary focus on 9.0.0.

Discussion thread is located here, let us know what you think, and any questions you may have!