Civil War Update, Solo Events, Leaderboards, Champion Updates, Performance Improvements



Release Notes




  • Join The Iron or fight for The Blue with new events, quests, Champions, and special Shards; inspired by Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War!
  • Solo Events: constantly-evolving events that vary in length, requirements, and prizes!
  • Compare statistics against other players and Alliances with the new Leaderboards!
  • Alliance War: view a breakdown for each Champion’s defender kills, and view your opponent’s offensive Champion information during Attack Phase.
  • Several Champions have received updates and improvements

Civil War Update:

  • Select a Faction: Join Iron Man and The Iron, or team up with Captain America and The Blue.
  • In conjunction with your Faction selection, you will receive a Faction badge on your profile, and see a full UI reskin to match your choice.
  • Attain a strong in-game boost while you are a member of The Iron or The Blue.
  • Gain new faction-specific Crystal Shards that can be used towards limited time Civil War Crystals, featuring Awakening Gems, Signature Stones, and faction-specific Champions!
  • Faction selection is not permanent! You will be able to change Factions twice over the Civil War period; just in case you want to see how the other side lives.

Solo Events:

  • Earn Milestone and Rank Rewards in new Solo Events.
  • Solo Events are Alliance Events without the Alliance requirement, and feature special rewards.
  • Choose a Faction to compete in faction-specific Solo Events, such as defeating opposing Faction members in Arenas, or completing your faction’s Cosmic Civil War Event Quest.
  • Gain Solo Crystal Shards for a chance at Awakening Gems, Signature Stones, and Alpha Catalysts!
  • Solo Events will initially be 22-hour long events, with shorter events to be released at a later date (based on server stability).

Leaderboards (Available soon!):

  • Compare Hero Rating, Strongest Team, Alliance Rating, and other statistics with other players and Alliances.
  • Filter your player statistics by Global, Regional, Friends, and Alliance members.
  • Compare your Alliance to others’ globally, regionally, and amongst your friends’ Alliances.
  • With the addition of Leaderboards, you can now also disable incoming Alliance requests and Friend requests through the Settings menu.
  • Discussion Thread here.

Alliance War Improvements:

  • During War Phase, you can now view the defender kills broken down by each Champion.
  • You can also view your opponent’s offensive Champion information during War Phase.
  • The number of Battlegroups selected is now displayed while matchmaking.
  • War Energy is now only visible during Attack Phase to reduce confusion (as it has no purpose during Placement Phase).
  • Warchat is now color-coded! Red for your opponents, and green for you!
  • Alliances can now be set to “CLOSED”. This allows invites to be sent out from Leaders and Officers, but stops any unwanted incoming requests to join the Alliance.

Champion Updates:

  • Several Champions have received updates and improvements (details HERE).
  • Fixed a couple issues with certain Champions’ Special 2 missing hits in a M-M-Special 2 combo (Winter Soldier, Iron Fist, Black Widow)
  • Updated the text on Groot’s info page to state that his Special 2 is unblockable (text change only, he already functions like this).

Bug Fixes:

  • Over 400 bugs have been fixed with this update. 26 Crashes/Exceptions were fixed.
  • Fixed a rare issue where boosts would expire early after following a specific user flow.
  • Fixed an Error popup that appears when searching for a Alliance Wars match if an Officer/Leader recently canceled a search.
  • Fixed a bug where rarely Users would not receive the Push Notifications 2 hours before the Defence and Attack Phase end in Alliance Wars.
  • Fixed a rare case where a player would be taken to their Alliance Quest when trying to Spectate an opponent in Alliance Wars.
  • Found and addressed a rare issue where Combat Text(Fury, Bleed, Regeneration, ETC.) would remain on screen and overlap each other while in combat.

Memory, Crash, & GPU/Frames Per Second Improvements:

  • We have heard you! In 8.0.0 we have invested a huge amount of time, effort, and resources into solving this problem, and improving our processes on how we identify, fix, and prevent these in the future. This is going to be an ongoing process that we hope to work with all of you Summoners on improving.

  • Found and fixed memory leak when loading into Quest Boards in: Story Mode, Event Quests, Alliance Quests, and Alliance Wars. This was very difficult to track down, and thanks to all your forum and player support reports we were able to do so. This should result in longer play sessions before the Operating System closes Marvel CoC. Hopefully it won’t need to do so, this depend on the total amount of memory of your device.

  • Found and improved a memory leak when loading the Filter Settings in the Stash, Champions, and Inventory Screens. This is ongoing and we are looking to further improve this in future updates.
  • Improved and reduced memory usage while in the Crystal Vault. This is an ongoing investigation and we have identified a few areas of improved for future releases. These require additional development time before they can be released.
  • Improved and reduced memory usage while Upgrading and Ranking up Champions. Again we have some known improvements in this screen that we hope to improve on in future releases.
  • Thanks to our previous release(7.0.1) we are able to gather more information on Memory and F.P.S.. We will be continuing to investigate and improve these with future releases. Currently we have made some memory improvements to the Savage Lands level. More to come in future releases.
  • Reduced the amount of memory the devices use when logging in via Game Center, Google Play, and Kabam ID. This will reduce memory spikes throughout the game where you are required to re-login.
  • Fixed a rare crash when loading into Masteries from the Player Profile while on the Quest Board in Alliance Wars or Alliance Quests.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on some devices when entering the Settings menu from the Main Menu.
  • Improved Frames Per Second Performance while moving on the Quest Board. You should see less hitching and have a much smoother experience when playing in Alliance Quests and in Alliance Wars, and some of the later Quests in Act 4.

We have a roadmap for improvements on all three aspects of “Performance”, we will be looking at Memory, Crashing, and Frames Per Second/GPU moving forward, look for more updates relating to these in our future releases. Thanks again for taking the time to provide as much information as you all did in our Player Support tickets, Forums posts, and Questionnaires!