Alliance Wars, Loyalty Store, New Boost Items, Improvements






  • Alliance Wars have arrived! It’s Alliance versus Alliance in a war for Battlerealm supremacy!
  • Enter the NEW Loyalty Store to buy Alliance Potions, Mastery items, or other EXCLUSIVE items.
  • Gain Power back from Special Attacks, enhance or defend against Special Attacks, OR gain a temporary Arena Point Boosts with hoards of new Summoner Boost items!
  • Additional changes and improvements are listed below.
  • This patch will be released February 24th.

Alliance Wars:

  • A new area of the Battlerealm has been opened! Compete with your Alliance-mates for pride, glory, and PRIZES!
  • Matchmake to find a rival Alliance, then combine strategy and teamwork to dominate them.
  • Setup the ultimate defensive team to fortify your Battlerealm, then take your offensive team on the assault!
  • Watch your War Rating skyrocket as your Alliance works together to defeat rivals!
  • Load up on Crystal Shards, Loyalty, and brand new exclusive rewards!
  • Note that this will be slow-rolled to Alliances in phases, similar to the introduction of Alliance Quests (to ensure server stability and gather your feedback on the new mode). Expect tuning changes throughout these phases, as well as into Season 1.

Loyalty Store:

  • Enter the NEW Loyalty Store to buy Alliance Potions, Mastery items, or other EXCLUSIVE items.
  • Use Loyalty instead of Units to obtain items for Alliance Quests & Wars!
  • Items will rotate daily, similar to how the Mastery cores in the current Store change.
  • Store contents will be randomly chosen from a pool of categories/items; a select few items will be persistent and always be available for purchase.
  • A 5-Star version of Unstoppable Colossus will be available in the Loyalty Store (keep in mind, this is an expensive Champion due to his exclusivity; this will require winning quite a few Alliance Wars and saving up!).
  • This is accessible from the “Store” section of the pop-down menu, and will be available at a later date after the initial 7.0 launch; there will be advance notice through forums and in-game before we release the Loyalty Store.

New Boosts Items:

  • New Summoner Boosts have arrived in the Loyalty Store; NEW Boost types, purchasable with Loyalty Points.
  • Class specific Boosts, such as Mystic Champions restoring power after using Special Attacks 2 and 3, or Skill Champions boosting their Special Attack Damage.
  • Defensive Boosts, where your Champions take reduced incoming Special 3 Attack Damage.
  • Gain a temporary Arena Point boost with new Arena Boost items!

Character Changes:

  • Fixed an issue where, after Parrying certain Champion’s Special Attacks, your Champion would be stuck in a blocking state until the Special Attack finished.
  • Fixed an issue where 90s Cyclops’ Armor Breaks would not remove Armor Ups.
  • Fixed an issue with Scarlet Witch’s Signature Ability proc rate (previously, the % chance displayed did not match in-game functionality; this is now fixed).
  • (Note: the Scarlet Witch changes are being cancelled based on player feedback)
  • (Netflix) Daredevil’s Heavy Attack now has a chance to apply 2 stacks of Armor Break, instead of the previous 1 stack.
  • Certain Special Attacks have been sped up to flow better for the following Champions:
  • Vision, Special Attack 1
  • The Vision, Special Attack 1
  • Black Bolt, Special Attack 1
  • Storm, Special Attack 1 and Special Attack 2
  • Spider-Man, Special Attack 2
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote), Special Attack 2
  • Adaptoids/Symbioids who share the same Special Attack animation as the above Champions

Misc Changes & Improvements:

  • When spending Battlechips to enter an Arena (such as the Tier 4 Basic or Alpha Catalyst Arena), there is now a confirmation popup.
  • The Alliance Crystal now has a purchase limit that resets daily.
  • Permanently increased the Alliance Crystal’s points in Summoner Advancement (from 30 to 300).