Anniversary Celebration, New Champions, New Theme, New Arena,More Act 4 content, Catalyst Fragments, Inventory Caps, Sell Item feature





  • Anniversary Celebration!
  • New Champions, new theme, and a new arena!
  • More Act 4 content!
  • Catalyst Fragments, Inventory Caps, and Sell Item feature
  • Additional improvements made to the UI, and bug fixes

Anniversary Celebration:

  • To celebrate our one year anniversary AND the holidays, we’ll be running a special event quest! Battle through the history of The Contest, and test your mettle against familiar faces both old and new!
  • A special reward will be available to those who master every quest!
  • Our Anniversary Celebration will be happening very soon; stay tuned for more info!

Act 4 content:

  • More Act 4 quests are coming very soon!
  • Opponents in Story Quests now have the ability to use their Special 3 attack! Note that we are not changing previous quest opponents to have this special attack (Act 1-3, Proving Grounds, Realm of Legends will not change); this will be in effect starting with the soon-to-be-released Act 4 content.

New Champions, new theme, and a new arena:

  • Some eagle-eyed users have spotted one of our new Champions in our TV commercial; we have a few more that you will see in the upcoming months
  • As with our previous major build releases (3.0’s Ultron, 4.0’s Ant Man, and 5.0’s Battlerealm), the Contest has been reskinned with a new theme!
  • The Road to Knowhere map is here! Fight in a new level inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy!

UI Improvements:

  • Multiple potion use! You can now select multiple potions to use on one Champion
  • A new button in your Alliance Chat to take you directly to Alliance Quests!
  • Expiring Items in the Stash will now notify you with a timer
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes throughout

Catalyst Fragments, Inventory Cap, and Sell Items feature:

  • Information about these can be found here
  • You can now collect Catalyst Fragments in Event Quests, Proving Grounds, and Alliance Quests; these can be pieced together into a Catalyst!
  • Selling Items is now a thing! Sell any items in your inventory for gold!
  • Level 3 and Level 4 Health Potions have arrived! These are powerful instruments to help you tackle all the new Act 4 content!

Bug Fixes:

  • Over 400 bugs were fixed in this patch!
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) is now supported
  • Fixed a crash on iPad Air 2 when using a Signature Stone
  • Coagulate Mastery bug has been fixed
  • Venom block/dodge delay during a combo has been fixed