Act 4, Summoner level maximum to 60, 5-Star Champions, New Catalyst Inventory





  • Act 4 has been released! Play Chapter 1 now!
  • Summoner level maximum has been increased to level 60!
  • 5-Star Champions are coming to The Contest! These are the most powerful Champions yet!
  • Alliance Quest Series have received several improvements to communicate all the important Alliance Quest Series information better
  • New Catalyst Inventory has been added
  • Additional improvements have been made to the UI, Versus Arenas, Synergy Bonuses, the Stash & Items Store.

Act 4:
Act 4 - Chapter 1 released!

  • New challenges - more path variation and features to challenge the strongest Summoners!
  • Greater challenge means greater rewards! Earn 4 Star Crystals and Mastery Points!

Summoner Level:

  • The Summoner Level cap has been increased by ten levels to level 60!
  • New level up rewards have been added to these new levels

5-Star Champions:

  • The Collector is introducing a new, legendary breed of Champions, who are so powerful that they bear a 5-Star rating
  • 5-Star Champions come with both visual improvements and gameplay improvements (a new timing mini game has been added to the Special 3 sequence) ensuring that they are our most valuable and powerful Champions yet
  • Further information on 5-star Champions is located HERE

Additional Champion Updates:

  • Some champions have been updated and rebalanced - information and discussion thread HERE
  • Champion Items will be coming soon! These allow you to apply items and buffs to a specific Champion, keep an eye out for updates on these new Champion Items!
  • Synergy Bonuses have updated iconography and the calculation has been updated to a distinct, additive bonus - What you see is what you get!

Alliance Quest Series:

  • Champions are free to be used in other quests once the team moves to the final quest tile
  • Relative difficulty and score values have been exposed on quest selection
  • The cost of the selected Alliance quest is now displayed for all members
  • Indicators have been added to help communicate if a player is KO’d
  • There is now a Battlegroup chat message celebrating the defeat of a sub-boss
  • Spectating another Battlegroup allows you to view and participate in that chat channel
  • Alliance class distribution is now displayed on team select - Choose the right class!
  • All Alliance members who didn’t contribute are displayed as 0 on the quest overall results
  • A ‘coming soon’ state has been added

New Catalyst Inventory:

  • Your Catalysts now have their own inventory, and will no longer appear in the Upgrade Item inventory.
  • Each Catalyst now has it’s own distinct inventory cap
  • The ability to use a Catalyst for its ISO value has been removed

Items Store Improvements:

  • Tabs have been added to allow you to better sort through the available items
  • The ability to increase the quantity of an item you’re purchasing has now been introduced
  • A new featured section will showcase new and special items and special offers

Stash Improvements:

  • The Stash is now separated into three tabs: Catalysts, Rewards and ISO, allowing you to sort and view your Stash much faster!
  • A “basic” option has been added to the filter so that you can view & sort your basic ISO & Catalysts

Additional UI Improvements:

  • The UI flow for both Quests and Arenas have been greatly improved. You can now skip through fight victory and reward animations!
  • Each Arena’s win streak and multiplier is now visible from the Versus screen