Ant-Man & Alliance Quests, More Masteries






  • A new area of the Battlerealm has opened, and Ant-Man has found something curious within it...
  • Quest through the new single-player campaign, Ant-Man’s Adventure!
  • New Alliance Quests coming soon! Team up with members from your Alliance for real time, cooperative questing
  • In addition to Ant-Man and Yellowjacket feuding throughout the Battlerealm, additional new Champions will be joining The Contest!
  • Access more Masteries in the new Utility Mastery tree!

Bug Fixes and Optimizations:

  • Multiple fixes and optimizations for Mastery Skills
  • Please note, these changes may result in a loss of Hero Rating as incorrect effects are restored back to normal levels.
  • Fixed issues with sending and receiving messages in the Social HUB
  • Improved and polished combat mechanics to reduce the amount of stutters and lost input.
  • Fixed and optimized rendering related issues with Metal enabled devices.
  • Added new weather & level effects for all Metal enabled devices
  • Updated Story Quest Rewards for Act 2 & 3 Completion and Act 3 Exploration (These will be retroactively paid out in an in-game mail message)

New Ant-Man Quests:

  • Team up with Ant-Man, and put a stop to Yellowjacket’s mysterious mission!
  • Nine new Ant-Man quests that unlock over the duration of the event
  • Collect special Pym Canisters in the Ant-Man quests, and use them to shrink your Champions down for competition in the “Micro-Arenas”

All New Cooperative Alliance Quests:

  • The Collector has opened a new area of the Battlerealm for Alliance Quests! Thanks to the heroic efforts of Summoners everywhere, The Collector has managed to corral Ultron. He now serves as the curator and final opponent of Alliance Quests
  • Quest with your Alliance in real time! Use teamwork and strategy to take down powerful, enhanced foes and nodes that buff your enemies
  • Succeed in early quests to unlock more complex and difficult challenges
  • All Alliance Quests only last for a specified amount of time, defeat the boss with your Alliance before it expires!
  • New Prestige System - A dynamic difficulty and score setting that adjusts as you and your Alliance succeed in harder quests. The better you do and the tougher your Alliance is, the higher the prestige. The higher the prestige, the better the rewards!
  • A new set of potions and other consumable items exclusive to Alliance Quests are now available. Use them wisely, as The Collector has placed a limit on how many may be activated in a single Alliance Quest
  • Choose your teams carefully as Champions within Alliance Quests cannot be used in other Story or Event Quests.
  • Donate resources to your Alliance Treasury to embark on Alliance Quests
  • New Summoner Masteries Available:

  • Go to the Masteries page in your Summoner Profile for access to the new Utility Mastery tree

  • If you like using Champions that inflict Stun, check out new Utility Masteries like Pacify and Petrify that expand upon the disabling capabilities of Stun
  • If you’re interested in changing up your playstyle, or like to take advantage of your awesome fighting skills, try new Utility Masteries like Dexterity and Parry that reward you for timing your actions flawlessly
  • Not all Utility Masteries affect combat: boost your XP or Gold gains using the Intelligence and Prosperity Masteries