Enter the Ten Ring Tournament, Master Class Solo Objectives, Act 7 Chapter 2: Upset the Meta!



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New champions

Champion Updates

Find the Balance.

Martin Li, also known as Mister Negative, has been seen skulking around the back alleys of The Battlerealm. 

While once a dangerous criminal in New York, it seems that he has forgone any criminal activities so far in The Battlerealm, but rumor has it that Kingpin and The Hood, two of his competitors from New York, are looking for him. 

Recruit the Master of Kung Fu, and track down Mister Negative and find out what he’s up to and why those two are looking for him so intently in this month’s Event Quest: Corruption!

2 New Champions Enter the Contest!

From a young age, Shang-Chi went through rigorous martial arts training with his father, Zheng Zu. After discovering he was being shaped into a lethal assassin, he instead took to Super Hero work. As the Master of Kung Fu, Shang-Chi has complete control over his inner energy, Chi. With a vast knowledge of Wushu fighting styles, Shang-Chi can wield a variety of weapons but he excels in bare-handed combat.

After the downfall of his gang the Snakeheads, Martin Li was captured by the international crime syndicate known as The Maggia and used in the experimentation of a new synthetic drug called “D-Lite”. Surviving the experiments and escaping his captors Li developed super-powers giving him the ability to tap into the Lightforce and Darkforce. Dedicating himself to become Chinatown’s Kingpin of Crime, Li deemed himself “Mister Negative”, swinging between good and evil without remorse with the ultimate goal of erasing the Maggia for what it did to him.

Enter the Ten Ring Tournament

The 10 rings of the Mandarin have been discovered in The Battlerealm! 

Collect the 10 Rings by completing special Master Class Solo Objectives, and train in the Lei Tai Arena, and use them to open locked paths in the special Ten Ring Tournament Side Quest to collect the rewards hidden in special Tournament Chests!

Master Class Solo Objectives

In order to complete most of the Master Class Solo Objectives, you’ll need to use specific Classes of Champions to complete Challenges, earning you rings of the Mandarin, Ancient Health Potions, Herbal Revives, and Hand to Hand Combat crystal shards.

Ancient Health Potions and Herbal Revives can only be used in the Tournament of the Ten Rings Side Quest. Trade in the Hand to Hand Combat crystal shards for special crystals containing some skilled Champions, trained in martial arts and Hand to Hand combat!

The Master of Kung Fu finds you worthy!

Log in during the Corruption Event to add a 3-Star Shang-Chi to your Roster!

Utilize the power of the Master of Kung Fu and his Wushu Strikes to complete specific Solo Objectives, and test your strength against those that stand in your way!

Act 7 Chapter 2: Upset the Meta!

Carina has found the Grandmaster’s missing Iso-Sphere in the hands of Gwenpool, who has decided to use its awesome power to “improve” the Contest of Champions. Can Carina recover the Iso-Sphere before Gwenpool’s audacious plans tear The Battlerealm apart? Find out in Act 7 Chapter 2 – Upset the Meta!

Champion Updates:

Black Panther (Classic), Vulture, and Mister Fantastic have been updated! Visit our Blog for more information.

Odin has also received an Update:

  • At the start of every fight, Odin gains an indefinite Fury and Armor Up Buff.
  • Odinsleep now grants an indefinite Aptitude Buff instead of Fury and Armor Up Buffs.
  • With Odin’s Special 2 Attack, the burst of damage Direct Damage for each unique Buff has had its limit increased a considerable amount.
  • All Buffs (excluding the Extend Buff) have had their duration increased from 7 to 10 seconds.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Disorient: Updated all disorient abilities to ensure they are using the same formula for calculating the Block Proficiency Modification. Potency values will remain the same as before this change.
  • Domino: Fixed issue where while lucky, Domino could evade while stunned.
  • Changed the name of Vulnerability/Vulnerable to Fragility/Fragile
  • Acid Wash Buff: Fixed issue where occasionally Acid Wash was not activating with Black Widow (Claire Voyant) and Archangel.
  • Venom The Duck: Updated Critical Hits ability to interact with champions who become Immune to bleed during a fight.
  • Havok (Abyss): Fixed issue where plasma detonations did not deal damage
  • Proxima Midnight’s Asgardian Hunt Synergy: Fixed issue where Thor (Ragnarok)’s required hits to activate Boon of The Gods was not affected.
  • Eternal’s Boon Boost: Fixed issue where the Eternal’s Boon Boost would not prevent the stun from the Mesmerize Buff Node.
  • Omega Red and Gambit: Fixed issue where Omega Red and Gambit would receive damage from Glancing caused by Micro Reflect Node in situations where they are not supposed to.
  • Yondu: Edited info page to specify that all attacks that generate less power is always active.
  • Heal or Hide Buff: Fixed issue where if the Regeneration buff was prevented due to Ability Accuracy, the timer did not return.
  • Jabari Panther: Fixed issue where Jabari Panther’s Cleanse would not cleanse the Stun on the Mesmerize Buff node.

Ok, see you.