The Clash of Champions, The Contest of Realms, Back Issues #7: Arachnid Action, Auto-Fight Updates



Release Notes


New champions

Champion Updates

The Clash of Champions!

Howard the Duck arrives with a mysterious package addressed to The Summoner. Before Howard can hand it to them, the message sparks into fire and in an instant Howard and The Summoner are transported to a mysterious part of The Battlerealm. Suddenly, a message appears before them, stating: “CHAMPIONS! TO EARN YOUR FREEDOM, ONE OF THE SIX OF YOU MUST DEFEAT THE SUMMONER AND PROVE THEM UNWORTHY!”. Not knowing where they are, or what dangers await them, Howard and The Summoner set out to find answers on the Blue Area of The Moon.

What Contest has the Summoner entered? What intentions does it serve? Will the Summoner survive to find out? Find out in Clash of Champions

2 Champions cross the Threshold from Battleworld! 

Chieftain of the long-missing Jabari tribe of Wakanda, Onnange and her tribe have been in hiding following the events between T’Challa and Maestro as they mourn their king. A master huntress that enjoys nothing more than a good fight, she dresses in Jabari armor specifically to earn the favor of Ghekre, the gorilla god, in combat. When not on the Hunt, she is a fun and friendly companion. But get on her bad side and you’ll quickly find yourself on the wrong end of the Jabari Panther’s spear!

Real name Harry Rhodes. A descendant of a Battleworld version of War Machine, indirectly named after Happy Hogan, who serves as an Iron Legionnaire in the House of Iron. He is an ambitious soldier keen to live up to his family’s legacy and wears armor in the style of the Silver Centurion to honor them, he also just likes the retro look. Specializes in Recon via his Drones.

The Contest of Realms!

Someone let it slip that Summoners are playing a WHOLE NEW GAME that somehow doesn’t feature any ‘Pools at all: Dead, Gold, Gwen, nothing! Platinumpool, the peak of maturity that he is, took this…personally. 

Now, after no less than three tirades, he has decided to take matters into his own platinum-plated hands and host his own little contest! Defeat Platinumpool’s Realm of Champions House-themed targets to earn “House of Keys Keys” to unlock a special Quest where you can earn FABULOUS PRIZES! Will this distraction be enough to placate Platinumpool’s insecurity? Find out this month in THE CONTEST OF REALMS!

Back Issues #7: Arachnid Action!

Another Back Issues is on the shelves, this time featuring the classic Quest Arachnid Action! Arachnid Action was originally released alongside Miles Morales, and features the up-and-coming Super Hero learning from both his peers and his foes.

Reflecting the lessons learned from Miles’ counterparts, new global effects in these Quests will limit the output of all except #Hero Champions, while also increasing Ability Accuracy for each #Hero on the Summoner’s active team. Less-heroic Champions may enter for synergies and other purposes, but don’t expect them to be dealing a lot of damage! 

Additionally, each Chapter will have class-based Champion Requirements, with Paths designed to both challenge and benefit the Champions required to enter.

Champion Updates

Howard the Duck, Crossbones, and Nova have been updated! Visit our Blog for more information.

Auto-Fight Updates

Auto-Fight will now take over more of the heavy lifting and move you forward on the Quest Map in addition to handling the fight for you. Whenever you have to decide between two paths you will have to make your choice manually.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Agent Venom: Updated Special 1 and Special 2 to ensure the correct tagging (contact/non-contact or physical/projectile) on all hits.
  • Civil Warrior: Fixed issue where Special 2 would whiff if intercepting the opponent.
  • Collector (Abyss): Updated info page to specify the Purify bypasses Purify reduction.
  • Doctor Octopus: Updated the Chemistry Research Heal Block to allow this Heal Block to interact with more areas of the game such as the Infectious Wrath Buff.
  • Killmonger: Updated Info page to specify that counter attack causes Killmonger to become Unstoppable.
  • Kingpin’s Bane of Hell’s Kitchen Synergy: Fixed an issue where the opponent was still able to passively evade.
  • Magneto: Updated Info page to specify the correct max Prowess charges from charging a heavy.
  • Magneto (House of X): Fixed issue where Magneto was considered to be Bleedable even though he is immune to Bleed.
  • Odin: Battle of Realms Synergy updated info page to specify each “living team member” signifying that Odin counts within this synergy.
  • Omega Red: Fixed an issue where Death Field Degen would not deal the correct damage when Spore count increased, and now interacts correctly with Abomination (Immortal) and Spider-Ham’s abilities.
  • Psycho-Man: Increased slide back distance on Heavy attacks to prevent looping Heavy attacks in a corner.
  • Ronan: Fixed issue where Rocket Raccoon’s Signature ability was displayed in Ronan’s Info page.
  • Do you Bleed Buff Node: Updated description to state the defender takes 100% less damage from any sources except for blocked attacks and bleed effects.
  • Starburst Buff Node: Fixed issue where Starburst did not inflict any damage.
  • X-ercise Dominance Buff Node: Fixed issue where any Unblockable Special Attack would trigger the Fury instead of the Unblockable Buff from this node.