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Champion Updates

Sins of the Father

He goes by many names and designations. The All-Father. Ruler of the Nine Realms. You may refer to him as Odin, and he has arrived in The Contest! 

To celebrate, he and the residents of Asgard hold a tournament to assess his people’s strength. While the competition carries on, the sound of the Eternity Alarm rings across The Battlerealm, drawing Odin’s attention away from the tournament! The All-Father must rush to the abandoned palace of Asgard to stall the rampage of an ancient and powerful foe, the hate-fueled Mangog! Will Odin find redemption, or will he succumb to his past sins?

The Bifrost Delivers two new Champions to The Contest!

Odin is the King of Asgard and All-Father to numerous formidable Asgardian Gods. However, Odin is the most powerful of the Asgardians, possessing a vast cosmic energy source called the Odinforce. This power is so great that Odin must enter a coma-like state called Odinsleep to recover from its overwhelming strength. As protector of the Nine Realms, Odin and his son Thor, defend Asgard from threats of otherworldly origins.

Mangog is the physical manifestation and sum total of a billion billion beings’ hatred from a race imprisoned through a mystical spell by Odin and the Norse Gods. Mangog is physically unstoppable and nearly indestructible while he’s able to feed on psychic energies such as hate, fear and devotion and has claimed he will always exist so long as there is hatred in the world.

Odin’s Bifrost Gauntlet

Do you have what it takes to ascend to godhood? This latest event allows you to compete in Odin’s Gauntlet Quest to earn a unique resource, Uru. Spend your earned Uru to upgrade your Gauntlet’s rewards and difficulty. Can you reach the highest level of the Gauntlet and become a God? 

Be warned, Summoner! Those who choose to challenge the Gauntlet’s highest tiers will put their skills to the test in a way that they have not before!

Log in every day to collect a Feather from the daily calendar to gain entry to the Gauntlet. Once you’re in the quest, you will face a single path challenge with zero energy cost. Fight your way to the end and claim the rewards. In there, you will find Uru fragments, which you will use in Odin’s Armory to buy a Casket of Ancient Winters, which contains the splendors of Odin’s vault and unlocks the next tier of the Gauntlet. Keep going until you have met your match! 

International Women’s Day Boss Rush

Test your roster and your skill against this year’s International Women’s Day Boss Rush! Featuring six Bosses designed by six special members of our community, this year’s Boss Rush is a serious step up in challenge, creativity, and rewards!


Updates Tab

A new tab has been added to the Social Hub to keep our players better informed with what’s going on in the game. Information on long-running Events and Offers will be pinned to this tab for easy reference for their full duration, rather than getting lost in your read mail. 

Champion Updates: 

Angela, Hood, Civil Warrior, and Masacre have been updated! Watch out for their updated Champions Spotlights, coming soon!

Bug Fixes:

  • Undo Button: Fixed an issue where players were unable to undo after traversing an already cleared Node.
  • Angela: Fixed issue where Angela’s SP2 would occasionally miss if chained after cancelling from a Heavy Attack.
  • Abyss of Legends – Brand of the Abyss VI Buff: Updated description to specify Unstoppable and Unblockable are not affected by Ability Accuracy alteration.
  • Professor X: Fixed issue where all attacks were not classified as psychic attacks.
  • Daredevil (Classic) and Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen): These two Champions now cannot “miss” when attacking.
  • Ghost, Daredevil (Classic), Hood: Updated ability descriptions to reflect how these champions interact with “Psychic Attacks”.
  • Emma Frost, Professor X, Stryfe: Updated attack descriptions to indicate which Attacks are classified as “Psychic Attacks”,
  • Loki: Fixed issue where Loki would not steal and copy Prowess Buffs.
  • Spider-Ham: Fixed issue where the SP2 pie projectiles would be facing the wrong way as a defender.
  • Scientific Method Buff node: Fixed issue where the Fury potency was based on the defender’s attack rating instead of the attackers.
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider: Fixed issue where the third hit of SP2 would occasionally whiff.
  • Blade: Fixed issue where Blade’s sword and shurikens would clip into the camera during SP3 animation.
  • Aegon: Fixed issue where Aegon would spam on-screen callouts.
  • Thor (Ragnarok): Updated info page to specify only 2 “Boon of the Gods” can be active at a single time.
  • Beast (Beauty and the Beast synergy with Elsa Bloodstone): Fixed issue where Beast would lose the Fury Buff if he had a Combo Shield.
  • Red Goblin: Fixed issue where Symbiote Buffs would expire instead of going on a 15-second timer.
  • Magneto (House of X): Added icon to the pre-fight ability screen.
  • Phoenix: Fixed issue where SP1 and SP2’s flame hits were considered physical instead of a projectile.
  • Psycho-Man: Fixed issue where the block VFX would appear when dashing back
  • Gameplay: Fixed issue where the game would momentarily pause when interacting with the screen during the Run-In phase of a fight.
  • King Groot: Fixed issue where King Groot could not use the Furies from Sasquatch’s Giant Challengers Synergy to shrug off Spectre. 
  • Medusa and Aarkus: Updated info page to specify Armor Shatter reduces Ability Accuracy instead of “cannot activate”.
  • Sixth Sense buff: Fixed issue where Sixth Sense was unaffected by Ability Accuracy. 
  • Falcon: Updated pre-awakened Signature Ability description.
  • Guardian: Fixed issue where the Armor Up cooldown was not triggering in certain scenarios.
  • Professor X: Updated info page to reflect that Channeling Vigilance and Surge Special Cost reduction is less effective against Psychic Shielding.