Ultron's Assault Event, Many new Champions, Summoner Masteries, Duels




Ultron infects the Contest!

Ultron has infected The Contest!
Many new Champions join the battle against Ultron.
Quest through the new Ultron’s Assault Event.
Wield new power with Summoner Masteries.
Grow your Friend’s List with the new Social Hub.
Duel other Summoners.
Team up with your Alliance in new Events, Arenas, and more!
Filter and sort your Stash.

Bug Fixes and Optimization:
Fights have been optimized for performance improvements on all devices.
Users can now filter through the items in their Stash.
Fixed several issues where Hero Rating would fluctuate.
Fixed a bug with Rhino and Juggernaut having 11-20% more Armor than intended.
Fixed a bug with Rocket Raccoon’s Dash attack being slower than intended.
Added a confirmation popup when spending Units on stamina recharges and unlocking arenas.
Regeneration no longer displays green Health values if you’re at full Health.
Several new improvements to how status effects are displayed.
AI opponents are no longer able to perform one unavoidable attack in response to a Special Attack 3.
A new and improved look for all Health Potions in the Battlerealm.
All Revive Potions now revive your Champions with +10% more Health.

New Characters:
We’re adding so many new Champions, they could form their own Alliance!
Some of your favourite heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe join The Contest!
Stay tuned for more details!

Summoner Mastery:
Summoner Mastery is on the horizon!
Masteries provide beneficial effects for your Champions.
Access Masteries through your Summoner Profile.
Earn Mastery Points when you level up.
Choose your Masteries wisely and strategically customize your benefits.
Recover your points to try a new specialization as often as you’d like.
Keep an eye on in-game messaging for more information.

Alliance Help Improvements:
The daily loyalty limit has been set to refresh at 08:00UTC for all players.
A timer has been added to show when the daily loyalty limit resets.
Loyalty balance is now displayed in the Alliance menus.
Ask for Versus help with a single tap on the ‘Help’ icon in Team Select.

Alliance Events:
New Alliance Events are coming very soon!
Work together with your Alliance to complete objectives and receive rewards!
Keep an eye on in-game messaging for more information.

Alliance Arenas:
Muster your might, Alliance Arenas will soon open their gates!
Competing in Alliance Arenas shares your points across your whole Alliance; work together to reach milestones and top ranks!

Work together to amass a huge score, and defeat your competition in classic Arena combat! No slackers here either - if you don’t contribute to win the competition, you’re not eligible for the goods!
Keep an eye on in-game messaging for more information.

Social Hub:
All social features (Chat, Mail, and Friends) can now be accessed through the new Social Hub.
Search for and add friends, and send private messages to Summoners on your Friends List.
Redesigned chat and mail screens.

Take on other Summoners’ top Champions for bragging rights and prizes in 1-on-1 Duels!

Dr. Strange:
Reduced the chance of Counterspell triggering: 20% -> 15% at Level 1
Reduced the duration of The Prestige’s Fate Seal effect: 4s..7s -> 2.7s..4.9s
Black Panther:
No longer triggers Bleed while Blocking
Superior Iron Man:
Reduced Repulsor Ray and Uni-Beam damage by 10%
Repulsor Ray and Uni-Beam now ignore Armor

New Ultron’s Assault Event Quests:
A new series of special Ultron quests are available, starting with the first Chapter. Fight back against Ultron’s infection alongside the Summoner, and team up with some of Marvel’s finest! New quests unlock each week!
The Spider-Man Champion gate has been removed from Act 1, Chapter 1, Quest 5.

Have fun Summoners!