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X-Men: Prodigal Son

The peaceful Mutant lands of Krakoa have been attacked by a powerful, yet unseen, force. Cable has reluctantly teamed up with a young mutant to track down whoever could be capable of such an attack, but will their search for this mysterious foe bring peace, or assured destruction? 

Join them on their journey to uncover the secrets of the past, the present, and the future!

Two New Mutants find their Way into the Battlerealm!

Jubilee grew up in a wealthy family, attending a private school and becoming an exceptional gymnast. However, her life took an unexpected turn when her parents were assassinated, leaving her orphaned. After manifesting her explosive mutant powers she was welcomed with open arms into a new family, the X-Men.

A child was created as a clone of infant “Nathan Summers” in the hopes of salvaging his techno-organic virus ravished body. Thinking this child to be Nathan, Apocalypse kidnapped him, giving him the name Stryfe in preparation to one day transfer his own consciousness into Stryfe’s body. Later discovering that he was actually a clone and unfit to house his essence, Apocalypse abandoned Stryfe. Feeling betrayed by both what he thought was his real parents and his adoptive father Apocalypse, Stryfe grew up as an embittered madman seeking vengeance on those who wronged him.

Like, that’s so cool!

Take a trip to the biggest Arcade in The Battlerealm! Use Tokens each day and choose from a selection of Arcade-y Quests designed to test your button-mashing abilities. Earn STAMPS on your Punch Card for defeating key foes and redeem them for massive rewards!

Undo Button

The Undo Button is here! Tap the Undo Button to undo your moves in Quests. At launch, this feature will only be active in Alliance Quest content. Using the Undo Button will allow you to recover from situations where you mistapped on a Node in Alliance Quests, without worrying about communicating to the rest of the Alliance. The amount of Undos you can make is limited, and Energy spent will not be refunded, so use the button wisely Summoner!

Season Tags

Season Tags allows to group different Champions together outside of the existing Champion Tag groupings. This will allow us to add new buffs and interactions to these groups of Champions across different game modes. This feature will first be introduced in Alliance Wars with new Tactics but watch for this feature in other modes moving forward!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

– New players will see that the first Mastery Point they receive at Level 6 will get spent on the Parry Mastery automatically at no additional cost.

– Fixed issue that would cause frame stutters during the run-in. 

– Fixed issue where the camera would break during run-in if app was suspended. 

– Fixed issue where the Info Page data would round numbers differently to how it was rounding in gameplay. 

– Fixed issue where in certain circumstances HUD icons would show the incorrect timer when paused.
– Insecurity Buff: Updated Info Page to specify the Taunt debuff drains 50% of their max power over 3 seconds.
– Mind Games Buff: Updated string to specify opponents also have a reduced attack rating.
– Stubborn Defense Tactic: Fixed issue where the defender would gain an indestructible passive while attacking into a knocked down opponent.

– Blade: Demon Hunter Synergy updated with Mysterio and Dormammu to reduce Energy Resistance by a flat 950 rather than 30%.

– Ghost Rider: Updated the last three flamethrower hits during Special 2 to be projectiles instead of contact hits.

– Guardian & Spider-Ham: Fixed issue where their highlight Visual Effects would be behind other Champions in the Team Select Screen.

– Human Torch: Fixed issue with Familiar Faces Synergy where Info Page did not match in-game potency.

– Korg: Fixed issue with Pit Fighter Synergy where Thor (Ragnarok) would not gain a Fury buff when finishing the combo with a Medium Attack against the opponent’s wall.

– Nick Fury: Fixed issue where his Special 3 Bleed would be more potent than expected if that Special was activated on the same frame as the 4th Light Attack.

– Nova: Fixed issue where Nova would obtain intense Power Gain when Stunned by Quake’s Aftershock during his dash.

– Old Man Logan: No…Not You… Synergy had Info Page updated to specify that Mysterio heals an additional 10% of the damage he took rather than flat +10% health.

– Spider-Ham: Updated misaligned Special 2 Visual Effects location.

– Vision (Aarkus): Fixed issue with Signature ability where Apocalypse was unable to prevent the Purify Ability.

– War Machine: Fixed issue where the rocket Visual Effects was misaligned during his Special 2.