Back on the Air, Spectacular Sixth Anniversary Celebration, Book 2: Act 1 – Chapter 1 – Brave New Battlerealm, Meet the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Back Issues #6: Contamination, Alliance Quests Season 8: Apocalyptic Mutiny



Release Notes




Oh, Hiya Summoner!

Peter Porker here, I’m sure you’ve heard of me, big upcoming star. Boy, do I have an opportunity for you today! I’m looking for a valet and you look like you’d be a perfect fit; definitely qualified for it and not just the first person I came across. Play the new Event Quest, Framed By Fame, and get in my entourage now, or you’ll come crawling back to me when I’m a big celebrity!

A New Champion Swings into the Contest!

Peter Porker picked a profession of punishing punks. How so, you ask? Well, Peter was once an everyday spider who (in a horrible accident involving a scientist and an atomic hair dryer) was bit by a radioactive pig! Peter was then transformed, retaining all of his spider powers but taking on the form of an anthropomorphic Pig. With these new powers, he adopted the surname of the scientist who bit him, May Porker, and became Spider-Ham!  Now he’s set out to send the bad guys of The Battlerealm crying all the way home.

Back on the Air

Mojo, ever heard of him? Rumor has it that Mojo is looking for a superstar that will help spruce up ratings in his network after Spider-Ham took care of some garbage ‘round here. Wanna help out the next crime-fighting sensation in The Battlerealm? Hop on, and get ready for the Pig Time!

Spectacular Sixth Anniversary Celebration

Boosts, gifts, and special Events fill The Battlerealm as we celebrate six years of amazing battles and astounding Champions with our Summoners! Don’t miss out on the 6 Year Anniversary Calendar, or special limited-time events!

Book 2: Act 1 – Chapter 1 – Brave New Battlerealm

Along with the help of the Summoner and their team of Champions, Carina has broken the throne of The Battlerealm. It seems things can now begin to heal… however, a powerful relic has gone missing from The Contest, The Grandmaster’s ISO-Sphere. With no one else available, Carina and the Summoner have been tasked to recover the missing Sphere. 

Carina will need to scour the far corners of The Battlerealm in order to locate the wayward relic, all while defending herself from sinister dangers that are both new to this realm…yet somehow eerily familiar. Be wary Summoner, here you face danger and discovery in equal measure…

Meet the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

New abilities, Special Attack animations, and a brand new name! Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen) has received a huge update! Get to know the updated Matt Murdock in his Champion Spotlight.

Back Issues #6: Contamination

Speaking of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, let’s take a look back at when he first joined The Contest in another classic Quest!

Back Issues returns with another trip down memory lane in Classic, and another Variant difficulty remix to conquer. This time it features the Quest Contamination, in which Jessica Jones and the Summoner uncover an underground fighting ring, powered by a mysterious and corrupt ISO substance.

New global buffs in Variant difficulty will limit the power of Champions who aren’t tagged as #Villain, for only those with a wicked spirit are able to handle the power of Black ISO. Bring your most evil team and take advantage of several new buffs that will give an edge to Villains capable of activating corresponding abilities such as Fury, Armor Break, or Unstoppable. Heroes, Mercs, and others will be able to enter the Quest, but be warned: The corrupting aura of Black ISO Resonance will limit their impact in combat!

Alliance Quests Season 8: Apocalyptic Mutiny

Doctor Doom’s time as the ruler of Alliance Quests has come to an end! It’s time for Professor X and Apocalypse to take over! This new season of Alliance Quests will empower Mutants and #X-Men Champions with rotating Buffs and introduces a Thronebreak tier to the Glory Store, as well as updates to the other tiers and Rank Rewards!

Happy Holidays!

Celebrate the Holiday Season in the Battlerealm. Don’t miss our special Holiday Calendar starting later in December. Log in every day to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the rewards!

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

– Archangel: Updated Info Page to better specify that each Bleed Debuff reduces the chance that an opponent’s Purify abilities will trigger instead of referring to it as Tenacity.

– Black Panther (Civil War): Fixed visual effect on Special 3.

– Hulk (Immortal): Fixed issue where the camera would clip through the stage during his Special 3. Updated Special 1 and Special 2 Info Page to align the structure with other Champions. Fixed issue where the purple outline visual effects would not appear.

– King Groot: Updated Special 2 to ensure the Poison Cloud hits are counted as a projectile.

– Magneto: Updated the Info Page to indicate that this Signature Ability prevents Magneto from losing a certain amount of health from a single damage source (excluding Special 3 Attacks).

– Mole Man: Updated Info Page to clarify he gains a Monster Mass if a Debuff fails to apply to Mole Man due to his immunity.

– Nick Fury: Fixed issue where he was scaled too small on the upgrade screen.

– Omega Red: Fixed issue where Special 3 Power Gain was inconsistent. 

– Platinumpool: Fixed issue where the Special 3 audio was not sped up during speedy Auto Fight.

– Quake: Updated Shield Agents Synergy Info Page specifying the correct ability accuracy potency.

– Red Hulk: Updated info page and immunity functionality to act as a “remove” instead of a “purify” when clearing Incinerate and Poison Debuffs.

– Red Skull: Fixed issue where Info Page was showing certain Synergies twice.

– Thanos: Updated Special 1 to specify Projectile attack which fixed an issue where Tigra’s Heavy Charge did not allow these attacks to miss.

– Vulture: Fixed issue where the last wind hit of the Special 2 was counting as physical contact instead of a physical projectile.

– Fixed an issue where Armor and Resistances were not affecting damage calculations correctly while Armor was Negative.

– Fixed issue where the game would stall after pressing the fight button.

– Fixed issue where pausing the game when blocking would cause the player to stay in the block animation and preventing them from attacking.

– Feat of Indestructible Buff – Updated description to specify which bar of power required to obtain the Indestructible Buff.