Hades Invasions, Punishing Arena, 7 Deadly Sins Solo Objectives, Punisher 2099 Upgrades His Kit, Act 6 Fight Update, Convention Clash



Release Notes




Get in Summoner, we’re going time-traveling!

Several time anomalies have been detected on the far reaches of The Battlerealm. As concerning as numerous temporal activities in one region is, it does not appear to affect the mysterious characters running amok in the nearby area. 

Reports state that “The Rider” has been sighted in the region after tracking down a seemingly abandoned warehouse filled with countless Crystals. As great of a find as this is, caution is urged, as there is very likely a sinister reason why the Crystals were abandoned in the first place…

Hop in and get ready for a turbulent ride through The Contest as Cosmic Ghost Rider and Red Goblin fight for, about & through time itself in this month’s Event Quest; Recursion!

The spirit of Vengeance meets the embodiment of carnage!

During Earth’s last stand against Thanos, Frank Castle (The Punisher), was struck and killed. A lifetime of killing saw his soul sent to Hell, and a deal struck with Mephisto led him to become the latest Ghost Rider. But by the time he returned to Earth, everything was dead, and Thanos was gone. After endless years alone, Ghost Rider was found by Galactus, who agreed to make him his Herald in exchange for being allowed to devour Earth. And so he became the Cosmic Ghost Rider and a Herald of Galactus.

In a desperate move to regain his lost connection to the Green Goblin persona, Norman Osborn bonded with the Carnage Symbiote. The result was Red Goblin, a demonic creature with a limitless thirst for death and unmatched hatred for Peter Parker. How will the Contest contain his bloodlust? It’s almost time to find out!

Check out these 2 Champions Spotlights next week!

Hades Invasions

Hell is in an uproar and Mephisto needs the Summoner and Cosmic Ghost Rider to sort it out and bring order back to the underworld. However, the land of the dead is a dangerous place for the living, filled with hazards few Champions can contend with. 

Delve into Limbo Quests to gather Lost Souls, then trade them to Mephisto to purchase Soul Boosts to shield yourself and your Champions from the harmful effects of the netherworld, but beware Summoner! Mephisto is up to his old tricks, and while these Boosts will buff your Champions, they will also give your Opponent a buff as well!

After you’ve collected your Lost Souls and Soul Boosts, you can enter Hades Invasions to fight for rewards!

Punishing Arena

A Special Arena, with a twist! Use all of your Champions to earn more Lost Souls, and Monsters and Hunters Crystal shards! These Shards can be exchanged for Monsters and Hunters crystals, which, like the name says, contain monsters and those that hunt them! 

7 Deadly Sins Solo Objectives

Complete 7 chains of Solo Objectives to earn Lost Souls, Monsters and Hunters Crystal shards, and exclusive Profile Pics!

Punisher 2099 Upgrades His Kit!

The first tune-up of our new Champion update schedule is here! Check out the changes:

  • Increased Base Armor and Attack Ratings.
  • Battery now starts at 40% and charges faster. Delay reduced to every 3.5 seconds and increased charge rate for Opponents with 0, 1, or 2+ Buffs. 
  • Increased starting Charge bonus from Signature Ability
  • Signature Ability now activates only when an Opponent hits 3 Bars of Power.
  • Automatic Heal Block: duration increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds, and battery drain reduced from 20% to 15%.
  • Automatic Regeneration: Maximum possible healing increased from 20% of Max Health to 35% of Max Health.
  • Automatic Power Drain/Power Lock: Power Drain amount increased from 5% of Max Power to 15%. Increased Power Lock duration. Reduced Battery drainage from 50% to 40%.
  • Heavy Attack Stun battery drainage reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Overdrive now drains the Battery more slowly. Reduced drain from 0.5 seconds per Battery percent to 0.4 seconds.
  • Overdrive Attack bonus now gives +150% Attack Rating for the entire duration of Overdrive.
  • Special 1: Battery charge gained increased from 16% over 8 seconds to 20% over 10 seconds.
  • Special 2: Reduced Battery drain from 20% to 15%. Critical Rating bonus increased from +30% to +40%. Duration of Armor Break from Grenade Launcher increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. Armor Reduction from Armor Break increased from -50% to -60% and can now stack.
  • Special 3: Reduced battery drainage from 50% to 40%. Changed to a Degeneration type with added effects. Damage increased from 200% of attack to 220%. Duration increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Cross Training Synergy w/ Punisher upgraded:  Punisher 2099’s Starting Power Meter increased from 20% of Max to 25% of Max. Punisher’s fury and bleed ability accuracy increased from 20 to 25%.
  • Loyal Minister Synergy w/ Captain America upgraded: The amount of starting battery increased from +15% to +25%. Captain America gains more attack rating. +15% to +20% while the opponent is under the effects of a Stun or Fatigue debuff. Captain America WW2 and Captain America (IW) added to the synergy bonus. Bleed Debuffs also now trigger the effect in addition to Fatigue and Stun.
  • Hail Hydra Synergy w/ Red Skull upgraded: Red Skull’s Heal Block duration increased from 7.5 to 9 seconds. Punisher’s Debuff duration increased from +50% to +60%.
  • Added teammates Synergy with Doctor Doom
  • Added Nemesis Synergy with Guillotine 2099

Act 6 Fight Update

In our final update to Act 6, we’re targeting multiple encounters throughout Act 6 that players found particularly frustrating. This is in large part thanks to the feedback sent to us directly from you, in addition to our own internal reviews.

  • Chapter 1 Quest 5 Crossbones Boss: Replaced Biohazard with Poison (100% HP/30 seconds).
  • Chapter 2 Quest 2 Mr Sinister Boss: Replaced EMP Modification with Prey On the Weak (Rank 4).
  • Chapter 2 Quest 5 Mordo Boss: Added a reduced potency version of Strength in Numbers. New reduction is 12.5% per KO’d Champion, meaning a Maximum of 50% reduction. (Other instances of Strength in Numbers are unchanged at this time.)
  • Chapter 2 Quest 6: Replaced Rogue with Old Man Logan.
  • Chapter 3 Quest 1 Medusa Boss: Removed Counterstrike.
  • Chapter 3 Quest 3: Replaced Mysterio with King Groot. Replaced preceding King Groot with Groot.
  • Chapter 3 Quest 4 Iron Man (Infinity War) Boss: Removed Plagued Mind. Reduced Improved Power Gain from 100% to 50%.
  • Chapter 3 Quest 5 Mysterio Boss: Removed Armor Break Immunity
  • Chapter 3 Quest 6 Captain America (Infinity War) Boss: Replaced Unlimited Power with Aggression: Fury.
  • Chapter 4 Quest 1 Venom the Duck: Replaced Spectre with Electric Fluctuations 2.
  • Chapter 4 Quest 2 Taskmaster: Removed Terminal Velocity.
  • Chapter 4 Quest 3 Darkhawk Boss: Removed Raptor Upgrades.
  • Chapter 4 Quest 4: Replaced Ice-man with Havok.
  • Chapter 4 Quest 4 Aarkus Miniboss: Replaced EMP Modification with Buffet (Rank 1).
  • Chapter 4 Quest 5 Hydra Adaptoid Boss: Reduced 600% Champion Boost to 300% Champion Boost.

Thank you all for the feedback you provided, and a special thank you to those that took part in our small Focus Group regarding Act 6 changes. We couldn’t make all of the changes that were requested, but we hope that these will address many of the pain points that players have raised, while also maintaining some of the difficulty that should come with a jump from Act 5 to Act 6.

Convention Clash

While Marvel Contest of Champions will not be visiting any conventions this year, there’s still a way to test your mettle! Convention Clash hosts six fights, each representing the Daily and Grand Final boss fights seen on stage in 2017, 2018, and 2019! 

If you had ever wanted a chance to take on these challenging opponents, your opportunity is now! Those who manage to overcome each year’s boss fights will receive a title per chapter, and those who vanquish every foe will walk away with a profile picture to display their prowess.

What kind of Challenge can you concoct for these encounters? Challenge yourself, and your fellow Summoners to try something new, and share it with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and our Forums!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

– Ægon: Fixed visual effects in Special 3.

– Annihilus: Updated Info Page to specify that Aptitude and Block Penetration effects are passives.

– Black Widow (Claire Voyant): Updated Info Page to specify that Mighty Charge purifies all pre-existing debuffs first and then becomes immune to new debuffs until the dash ends.

– Doctor Doom:  Fixed issue where Special 3 Visual Effects were not visible.

– Dragon Man: Fixed issue where wings would cover opponents.

– Ghost: Fixed issue where Phase would behave like a purify instead of just removing the debuffs.

– Ghost Rider: Added an immunity to Incinerate effects

– Guardian: Fixed issue where Auto-Block would not occur if he evaded the first hit of a Special Attack.

– Hulkbuster: Fixed issue where low Star Hulkbuster would not spend Armour Ups to apply the Heavy Shock.

– Longshot: Fixed issue where Fate Seal did not nullify Dragon Man’s power charge.

– Silver Surfer: Fixed issue where game would crash during Special 3. Fixed issue where Heavy attacks would whiff against Silver Surfer when he was against a wall.

– Storm (Pyramid X): Fixed issue where Storm (Pyramid X) would cause Special Attacks to Glance.

– Warlock: Fixed issue where the first hit of Special 1 would occasionally whiff.

– Wasp: Fixed issue where the first hit of Special 1 would occasionally whiff.

– Updated the Great Power Node description to specify players require 3 Responsibility Passive Buffs rather than 100.

– Updated Arc Overload 2.0 description to specify it activates at the start of the fight.