Magneto Realizes his True Power, Omega Boss Rush, Act 6 Adjustments, Champion Tag Filter, Sell from Stash



Release Notes




To Me, My X-Men

Charles Xavier makes his presence known throughout The Battlerealm with a bold proposition: recognize Mutant autonomy and the sovereignty of their new nation Krakoa, and you will be rewarded with unimaginable medical marvels. 

Unimpressed by Professor X’s message of hope and peace, Iron Man suspects something more sinister lurking below the surface of Krakoa’s tropical paradise. However, some secrets are better left buried, as Tony Stark’s investigation into the origins of Xavier’s Mutant utopia brings him face to face with a might immortal! 

Can there truly be peace between Man and Mutant in The Battlerealm? Find out in The Rise of X! Looking for an extra challenge? Try the first-ever Cavalier Difficulty!

Two Champions rise to Unite Mutant-kind

Professor X believed in the peaceful coexistence of mutants and humans, but this all changed when Moira MacTaggert revealed to him the inevitable demise of mutantkind, unless Professor X could change his ways. Under the new moniker “X”, he gave up his old dreams. No more would mutants endure the afflictions and prejudice of humankind. Under the formidable rule of X, the mutant nation of Krakoa was founded. And those who defy the nation must enter the Mindscape and face Professor X in a duel of mental strength.

Thousands of years ago in ancient Aqaba, the first living being on Earth to express the mutant X-gene was born, given the name “En Sabah Nur” or “The First One”. As he traveled the Earth, En Sabah Nur deemed himself “Apocalypse” convincing ancient civilizations that he was a deity and manipulating them into fighting wars which he justified as stimulating growth, judgment, and destruction. After conquesting the Earth for many millennia Apocalypse used Celestial technology to enter a period of suspended animation for many centuries, awakening in the current age and deciding the Earth is ready for further examination.   

Find out more about these two titans of Mutantdom in their Spotlights when they land next week!

Set Sail for Mutant Treasure Island

Set Sail for mutant mayhem! Explore the mysterious island packed to the brim with secrets and treasure. Pirate King Platinumpool is looking to plunder this island for all its worth. Make sure to get in while you can and discover what riches lie in store, and maybe even run into the Pirate King himself.

This massive 28 (+1) path Quest has no entry requirements, but to access any of the paths, you’ll need a key that you can only get from a Platinum Jones Locker! Get one of these from objectives, one of which will be added every day!

Magneto Realizes his True Power

It’s time to revamp another leader of the fight for Mutant-kind, the master of Magnetism, and both friend and foe of the X-Men, Magneto!

Both Magneto, and the newly renamed Magneto (House of X) receive a total kit overhaul with this release. Magneto shows his villainous side and will focus on punishing #Metal Champions, while the redeemed Magneto (House of X) focuses on empowering #Metal Champions and Heroes on his team.

It’s time to lay the Smackdown on the Omega Boss Rush!

The final week of the Summer Smackdown is on its way! We hope you’ve been collecting those Sunglasses, and saving your Potions, because this is going to be HARD! You’ll need 5 Sunglasses to enter each difficulty, so if you haven’t cleared out the other Summer Smackdown Boss rushes, you’ll need to do that first!

Each difficulty level will have a different number of fights, with the Epic Difficulty boasting a roster of 31 very difficult fights, back to back! This is not for the faint of heart, so you’re gonna need to bring your best self to the fight!

Sell from Stash

To help with inventory management, this long requested quality of life improvement is here! Summoners can now sell items directly from their Stash! No more making room in your inventory just to claim and then sell.

Champion Tag Filter

Summoners will now be able to sort their Champions by Tag on the ‘Champions’ page and ‘Edit Team’ selection!

Act 6 Adjustments

Our first wave of Act 6 Content adjustments are here! Next month, we’ll be tuning fights that were specifically called out by our Community!

Chapter 3:

Quest 1 – Quest 6 – Removed 200% Attack buff from Global Nodes

Quest 2 & Quest 3 – Reduced 700% Health buff to 600% Health buff in Global Nodes

Chapter 4:

Quest 1 – Quest 6 – Removed 300% Attack buff from Global Nodes

Bug Fixes and Improvements

– Elsa Bloodstone: Fixed issue where Elsa’s first Cruelty buff timer wasn’t visually counting down.

– Hit-Monkey: Fixed issue where Special 2 Attack would fail to Crit in certain situations.

– The Hood and Storm: Fixed issue where Special Attacks were not classified as projectiles.

– Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): Updated Info Page to specify that at 3+ Furys her Special Attacks nullify 2 of any Buffs on the opponent and not just Armour Up.

– Nick Fury: Fixed issue where Heal Block was not shrugged off.

– Sasquatch: Fixed issue where the last hit of Special 1 Attack would whiff if the opponent Dashed in.

– Sorcerer Supreme: Updated Slow description to specify that the Slow Debuff reduces the Ability Accuracy of Unstoppable and Evade effects.

– Sunspot: Fixed issue where A.I.M. Technology Synergy would not increase the duration of Weakness Debuffs.

– War Machine: Updated Signature description to specify that it activates at 25% Health.

– Added the #Metal Tag to: Annihilus, Corvus Glaive, Heimdall, Hulk (Ragnarok), Nova, Proxima Midnight, Ronan, Taskmaster, Thanos, Thor, Thor (Jane Foster).

– Removed the #Metal Tag from Gwenpool.

– Fixed issue where the “Turn the Tide” icon would not appear in gameplay, resulting in not showing which Special Attack is selected.

– Updated the Tunnel Vision Buff Node description to specify which attack would miss.

– Updated the description of Slow for Champs and Nodes. This is to specify if it reduces the Ability Accuracy of Unstoppable and Evade effects by X%. 

– Fixed issue where certain Champions K.O.’d against the wall without causing it to explode.