The Red Room Academy



Release Notes



The Red Room Academy Requests your Assistance

In the wake of the Cabal’s collapse, Black Widow has been tasked with locating and recovering a lost mind control weapon. To accomplish her mission, Agent Romanoff will need the help of an old friend. Red Guardian is a fellow former soviet and an honorable and trustworthy ally. 

However, they soon discover that they are not the only ones chasing the lost Cabal technology. A secretive mastermind has employed the skills of Taskmaster, the photo-reflexive mercenary, to stop Black Widow from finding this weapon at all costs!

It’s a race across The Battlerealm, with new foes to fight and where old allegiances will be tested in this month’s Event Quest: Black Widow: Red By Dawn!

From out of the shadows, two new Champions step into the Contest!

Black Widow, A.K.A. Natasha Romanoff, is one of the world’s greatest assassins and most accomplished S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents. A former KGB Agent and graduate of the infamous Red Room program, Black Widow brings her shocking new style of combat to the contest. Use her abilities to deal out big damage when you punish an opponent’s mistakes!

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Red Guardian, A.K.A. Alexei Shostakov, was an ace fighter pilot and superb soldier whose accolades made him the perfect choice for Russia’s own super-soldier program. Armed with his specialized combat shield, Red Guardian finds more use for it inflicting trauma on his opponents than shielding his own body.

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You are being contacted on behalf of the Red Room Academy

Summoners, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to defeat certain targets and recover valuable Intel stolen by our enemies. 

Each day, you will be assigned a Target in a Special Objective that is in possession of a special Keycard. Information is limited, so we will give you as much information as we can, but it will be up to you to discover the identity of the Target. 

After you have defeated the Target, you can use the Keycard to enter a Red Room Quest, where you will gather the important Intel that has been stolen from us.

In exchange for this important Intel, we will offer you the chance to purchase technology that will allow you to access special Red Rift Quests, or a Dimensional Chronometer, which for the first time ever, will allow you to choose your own reward in a Rift once throughout the entire month.

Should any member of your team be caught, the Red Room Academy will disavow all knowledge of your actions. Good luck, Summoners.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

It’s now easier to differentiate between Champions that are ready to Rank Up, and those that you are close to having the resources to Rank Up.

Cable – Fixed an issue where a Special 1 Attack would miss when firing at the maximum distance.

The Champion – Fixed an issue where his ponytail would stick straight out behind him during his Victory Animation.

Doctor Strange – Restored PI to correct levels.

Elsa Bloodstone – Increased her evade counter range to fix an issue where the ability would occasionally miss.

Guillotine 2099 – Increased the sliding distance between 1st and 2nd hit during Special 2 to prevent the 3rd hit of the Attack from missing.

Hood – Clarified Hood’s info page to specify it is the first hit of his Heavy Attack that will refresh effects placed on Opponent.

Juggernaut – Fixed the issue that caused Special 3 projectile to have no texture.

Killmonger – Fixed an issue with Bleed Vulnerability Node during the Act 6 Chapter 3.1 Medusa Boss which caused Killmonger to deal less damage than expected.

King Groot – Fixed an issue where King Groot could not shrug of the Poison Debuff from the Liquid Courage Mastery.

Mole Man – Increased the speed of the animation at the end of his Special Attack 2 to resolve the confusion of him being hit while exiting the ground. Increased the stun duration of the first hit of his Special 1 attack, preventing the opponent from blocking mid special during certain circumstances. 

Storm (Pyramid X) – Changed Light 2 animation to improve the hit connection locations. Updated Special Attack 2 Lightning Tempest description on Info Page to specify that Power Rate can not be inverted.

Terrax – Fixed an issue where rock visual effects would remain if he was intercepted during a heavy attack.

X-23 – Fixed an issue where 5-Star Wolverine (X-23)’s PI figures were lower than intended.