Incursions (Ultron's Domain), A Whole New World, Fight for Your Side, Double Cross



Release Notes



A Whole New World!

Carina has found a nexus of power within the Battlerealm that is rich with Astral and ISO energy. With this newly found resource, she hopes to restore Doctor Strange’s astral form back into his body, allowing him to come back to help the Contest once again. 

Though there is a problem unforeseen by those that use it: This nexus is a powerful fountain of energy, and while it may help those that use it, it can also be used to empower dangerous forces within the Battlerealm. Because of this, there are many eyes set upon it, some of whom have never seen before. Mumblings of another Sorcerer Supreme materializing into the Battlerealm has many heroes shaken, raising brows and concerning many. And following her, a worshipper referring to herself as the envoy of “En Sabah Nur” has created a storm that stirs many where they stand. 

What they are doing inside the Battlerealm is a question on everyone’s minds. However there is a bigger question that concerns Carina, and Doctor Strange… are they friend, or foe? Find out in this month’s Event Quest, From Beyond!

Visitors from a far away place join the Contest!

Sorcerer Supreme, a new and mysterious comer to the Battlerealm. While her intentions, and her allegiances, are a mystery, her strength in the mystic arts makes her a force to be reckoned with. With a strong command of the Astral energies, she is able to disarm her foes with relaxed ease, stripping away their powers before she powers herself up to take the fight to her foes. It’d be wise to not underestimate the powers of the Mystic Arts. 

Check out Sorcerer Supreme’s Spotlight!

Storm (Pyramid X), also known as the Fourth Horseman, is the second mysterious force to charge into the Battlerealm. An indomitable force with the power of the weather at her fingertips, she delivers shock and awe with a force that has never been seen before. Whom she serves, with her weather bending powers, is beyond imagination. It is a mystery held by the other world she hails from. Do not dare attempt to challenge Pyramid X. 

Check out Storm (Pyramid X)’s Spotlight!

Special Quests and Events

Fight for Your Side!

These two new Champions demand that you fight for their side! It’s up to you to choose who you will side with. The Champions of The Contest have already begun to find their choices. With Champions loyal to Iron Man, Hulk, and Civil Warrior fighting alongside the Sorcerer Supreme. Meanwhile many who follow Thor, Black Panther, and Spider-Gwen find their allegiance in line with Storm (Pyramid X). 

This month-long event consists of four quests, with one quest released each week. Depending on which side you choose, your quests and rewards will differ. Siding with Sorcerer Supreme will reward you with Rank-Up Materials, while joining Storm (Pyramid X) will reward you with Crystal Shards.

Choose wisely. Will you side with the Followers of the Ancient One, or the Worshippers of the Apocalypse? Know your enemy, Summoner. Your rewards will depend on your skill in battle!

Double Cross

On April 15th, the first 2 quests for each side will permanently lock. This is your chance to turn your back on your team and pledge allegiance to the opposing team to gather the resources promised by the other team. Of course, you can choose to remain loyal and earn even more of the resources you’ve already earned, if you wish!

Faction Specific Solo Objectives

Prove your might to your new Brothers and Sisters in Arms by completing Solo Objectives for your Faction! If you choose to change Factions on April 15th, your Objectives will change as well.

Enter Ultron’s Domain!

Later this month, you and a friend will have your chance to try out our newest game mode, Incursions! Enter a digitized version of the Battlerealm in Ultron’s Domain! Empower your Champions with Buffs and new abilities in this co-op mode that puts the ability to break the game in your hands! 

Bug Fixes and Improvements

– Fixed an issue where the Opponent would respond slower than usual to the end of a combo by Ghost Rider, Ronin, Winter Soldier, Human Torch, Symbiote Supreme, Guillotine, and Star-Lord. This should make Parry timing more consistent for these Champions with other Champions in-game.

– Fixed an issue where some Champions experienced a short pause between subsequent Heavy Attacks

– Fixed issue where the opponent could attack while KO’d.

– Clarified description of the Despair Mastery to state it caps at 100%.

– Fixed issue with Ant-Man, Captain America (Infinity War) and the Particle Protector Buff where offensive ability accuracy for glancing abilities was reduced by more than 100%.

– ÆGON (Abyss of Legends) – Clarified Abyssal Enhancement description to note that it bypasses Immunities to Ability Accuracy Reduction.

– ANNIHILUS – All hits of Special 2 attacks are correctly acting as Energy Projectiles.

– BLACK PANTHER (CIVIL WAR) – Clarified that Black Panther (Civil War) will Purify any Debuff applied alongside a Stun Effect when consuming an Armor Up to Reflect the Stun.

– CABLE – Clarified Cable’s degeneration ability to specify that it is triggered by Bleed Debuffs.

– GRANDMASTER – Edited the pause screen description to clarify the target for Inverted Controls and to clarify how Grandmaster becomes Unstoppable when knocked down near the wall.

– THING – Fixed issue where Shield visual effect would not show up when fighting Invisible Woman.

– KILLMONGER – Fixed an issue where the last hit of his Special 2 attack could be blocked by the opponent.

– MOJO – Clarified “Smile For The Cameras” Synergy description with Psylocke to specify Power Lock Debuffs.

– STORM – Edited Passive Ability to clarify that the ability reduces the potency of Shock effects.

– SUNSPOT – Fixed an issue where the last hit of Sunspot’s Special 2 Attack would occasionally not make contact.

– VISION (AARKUS) – Fixed issue where Coldsnap would not scale with Fury.