Act 6 Chapter 4, Let’s Get Subterranean, Mole Man Expeditions, Resource Finder



Release Notes



Summoners! Marvel Contest of Champions v26.0 is coming to you on March 4th, and this month, we’re taking it underground!

Let’s Get Subterranean

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no hope for Love! As Invisible Woman and H.E.R.B.I.E. are investigating tremors throughout The Battlerealm, they come across Squirrel Girl facing her most difficult foe yet: a persistent romantic admirer!

Her suitor is the scientist turned super-villain, Mole Man, who is threatening to destroy the entirety of the Battlerealm if Squirrel Girl refuses to take his hand in marriage. Will Squirrel Girl become Mrs. Mole Man? Will Invisible Woman drop some good relationship advice? Will H.E.R.B.I.E. get to help out this time? Find out in March’s event quest, Of Rocks and Rodents!

New Champions Shake the Contest!

Mole Man

Socially shunned for his dwarfish appearance and expelled from his academic roots in nuclear engineering for his Hollow Earth theories, Harvey Rupert Elder stumbles upon the Monster Isle and falls deep into the realm of Subterranea, becoming blinded before the Valley of Diamonds. After this discovery, Elder dubs himself the Mole Man, ruler of Subterranea and the caverns of Monster Isle. Riding on the back of his most trusted monster friend, Giganto Jr., Mole Man burrows his way into the Contest. Read all about Mole Man in his Champion Spotlight!

Check out Mole Man’s Champion Spotlight: https://playcontestofchampions.com/champion-spotlight-mole-man/


Once the ruler of the city of Lanlak on the planet of Birj, Tyros became much more when he was noticed by Galactus. Galactus saw the brutal dictator’s potential and used his power to turn him into Terrax the Tamer, Herald of Galactus! With Terrax’s command over rock and earth now magnified by the Power Cosmic on his side, Terrax became the cosmos’ most ruthless conqueror! Read all about Terrax in his Champion Spotlight!

Check out Terrax’s Champion Spotlight: https://playcontestofchampions.com/champion-spotlight-terrax/

Special Quests and Events

The Elders Saga Comes to a Close!

Battle after battle, Carina and her compatriots have fought their way across The Contest, turning many of their foes to friends, and increasing their numbers with every passing day. Her strength has grown and has become a threat to her Uncle, The Grandmaster. He won’t sit idly by while his throne is in jeopardy!

The end is near for the Elders. Let the epic showdown between Carina, the Summoner, and The Grandmaster Commence in Act 6 Chapter 4!

Mole Man Expeditions

Every week in March, bring a limited team of three Champions to the mysterious areas of Subterranea and steal precious treasures from Mole Man! Select your path to focus on specific rewards, but beware as Mole Man does not take well to visitors (let alone thieves) and may Ambush you at any moment!

International Women’s Day Boss Rush and Solo Objectives

Take part in the International Women’s Day Boss Rush, with challenges crafted by some prolific Women of the Contest of Champions Community! During this time, use specific moves and win Fights in Quests, Arenas, Dungeons or Duels with female Champions to earn rewards from the Women Of Power Solo Objectives.

New Features and Updates

Resource Finder
A new feature that will show the Summoner where to find the required Catalysts to Rank Up a Champion.

Daily Objectives:

A new Daily Objective will be given to Summoners once per day, these can accumulate up to a maximum of three Objectives – after which they will need to complete an Objective to receive a new one. Once per day, they will be able to replace one of their Daily Objectives for free.

Weekly Objectives:

Three Weekly Objectives will be given out at the start of every week. Any completed objectives at the end of the week will be replaced by a new Weekly Objective. Any uncompleted Weekly Objectives will remain with their progress intact.

Path-based rewards display

One-time claimable rewards found on the Quest board are now viewable from the View Rewards panels if they are present in a Quest.  

Champion Index

The Champion Info screen is now available for Champions that you do not currently own. Additionally, your Champions screen now allows sorting of unowned Champions by Rarity. 


– The Parry Mastery now becomes available to unlock at Level 6.

– ÆGON – Fixed an issue where the Heavy Attack Combo Shield did not have a cooldown, as described in his Abilities.

– DOCTOR STRANGE – Fixed an issue where Hoggoth’s Wisdom was not providing the correct Power Gain Potency. Summoners should notice an increase in Power gained when Hoggoth’s Wisdom is active.

– KILLMONGER – Will now be able to chain into a Special 2 after finishing a combo with a Light 4 attack.

– LOKI – Fixed an issue where Loki’s Stun was not interacting with Stun immunities, and other abilities. 

– MISTER FANTASTIC – Careful Study Passive will now also apply to blocked hits.

– MISTER SINISTER – Fixed an issue where Mister Sinister’s Copy Debuff ability was able to bypass some immunities.

– OLD MAN LOGAN – Initial Regen will now be affected by the Healing Modifier of the Liquid Courage Mastery’s Poison Debuff.

– SYMBIOTE SUPREME – Will now Nullify Venom’s Buff at the start of a fight.

– WAR MACHINE – Fixed an issue where Captain Marvel was not gaining Energy Charges from blocking War Machine’s SP1 Bullet attacks.