X-Communication, Love is a Battlerealm 3 II, Champion Balance Updates



Release Notes



V25.3 will be available on February 3rd! Read on to learn about this exciting update!


GREETINGS MOJOVERSE! The Contest finds itself the live-streaming locale for the mighty Mogul of Interdimensional Media, MOJO. Thrill and chill to the violence and drama of the MojoDome as master showman LONGSHOT fights off waves of mutants! Who will survive and how much of them will be left? Smash that MojoLike button and don’t forget to subscribe!

Love is a Battlerealm 3 II

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Good! Because wrong places are where you’ll find Deadpool and Diablo as they pass out potions and try to make the most of this season of passion! Special Events and Achievements will be active as you try and mend Deadpool’s broken heart!

Champion Balance Updates

This release includes balancing updates for: Annihilus, Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, Human Torch, and Namor.   

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Prestige will now be displayed on Summoner Profile.
  • Alliance Prestige will now be displayed on the Alliance Info page.
  • Your Champion collection will now default to sorting by “Hero Rating”.
  • CIVIL WARRIOR: Updated Info Page to correctly state that he receives a permanent Armor Up Passive effect instead of a Buff.
  • CORVUS GLAIVE: Special 1 will now correctly receive its +70% bonus damage if the opponent has an Armor Break active.
  • DOCTOR DOOM: Power Prevention while his Aura is active is no longer treated as a Power Lock.
  • MEDUSA: Special 3 will now correctly place a 35 second Armor Break on opponent. No longer has her Armor Shattered Robot effect listed twice in her Info Page.
  • OLD MAN LOGAN: Updated Info Page to better describe his Special 2 Critical Bleeds.
  • OMEGA RED: Death Spores will once again prevent Debuffs from being Purified via the Tenacity node
  • SILVER SURFER: Resolved an issue where his SP3 could cause crashing on older iOS devices
  • SUNSPOT: Will now correctly receive 5 Solar Charges from a passive Incinerate effect as well as an Incinerate debuff.
  • THING: Special 3 will now only increase the potency of Furies he gets from removing Rock Stacks.
  • VISION: Will now properly gain Fury from the ‘First of His Name’ synergy with Vision (Aarkus) after Power Burning an opponent
  • Mesmerize Buff Node will no longer Stun the attacker if an evade failed to activate.
  • Pre-Fight Abilities will now display how many fights remain before they expire.
  • Oscillate statmod was updated to produce the correct armor and crit resistance stats
  • Resolved an issue where the game will sometimes crash when viewing your own Alliance’s defender information in Alliance Wars
  • Resolved the visual bug where the Spectre node would appear to cause damage to Champions who were under an Indestructible effect.