Squirrels Vs Skrulls, Abyss of Legends, Squirrel Girl’s Acornucopia



Release Notes



V25.2 will be available on January 7th! Read on to learn about this exciting update!


Squirrels Vs Skrulls

Skrulls have been spotted in The Battlerealm. NOVA (A.K.A. Richard Rider) sees the start of an invasion, while SQUIRREL GIRL looks to help the Skrulls find a peaceful outcome. Will there be peace, or will things get nuts? Find out in this month’s exciting Event Quest!


How Unbeatable are you? Squirrel Girl is dying to know. See how far you can push in each difficulty of this challenge and keep all the ACORNS you can carry as you move from battle to battle. Use those Acorns to get valuable resources and more this month! Don’t delay, check in daily to make the most out of the Squirrels’ generosity.

Abyss of Legends

Danger lurks around every corner of The Contest, but none have seen such an epic and deadly challenge as this one. Now, a dark presence, formerly unknown to all, has opened up their corner of the Battlerealm. Dare to delve into this pocket of despair and dread, where hope goes to die. This punishing undertaking can only be faced by those who have become Cavalier, and even still shall only be conquered by a true LEGEND. This is not forgiving content so prepare to suffer in the Abyss, Summoners.


  • NICK FURY: Will no longer appear to take damage during a Special 3 when his Life Model Decoy has been destroyed; this was only a display issue. Also fixed an issue so Fury no longer takes Degeneration damage when below 30% Health.
  • QUAKE: Fixed Synergy with Black Widow to work with all Buff types.
  • TASKMASTER: Photographic Reflexes will now correctly reduce opponent’s Ability Accuracy.
  • WARLOCK: Fixed issue where Techno-Organic Transmode Virus Infection could decrease all Ability Accuracies, not just Offensive Ability Accuracy.
  • Fixed an issue where Power Gain Abilities that were Paused would grant an incorrect amount of Power.
  • Fixed issue with Bulwark series of Buffs so Indestructible Duration description now accurately matches gameplay duration.
  • Fixed an issue where Crush series of Buffs now correctly states Fury duration as 10 seconds.
  • Fixed a display issue with Crush 2 Buff which now correctly displays 75% Attack Rating increase.
  • Fixed info pages for Champions to specify their actual functionality regarding Power Steals, Power Drains, and Power Burns.
  • Improved the Double Edge and Liquid Courage Mastery interactions with all Champions immune to either Bleed or Poison.