Act 6 Chapter 3, When Titans Clash!, Fantastic Doom Invasions, Fantastic Family Event, Alliance Quest Modifiers, Colossus and Old Man Logan buffs



Release Notes



V25.0  will be available on November 4th! Read on to learn about this exciting update!


When Titans Clash!

The Fantastic Four have located their final missing member: Dr. Reed Richards, A.K.A. Mister Fantastic! Unfortunately, rescue seems impossible as Richards is stuck inside an anomaly which resets time and space every 4 minutes. With their friend’s rescue within their grasp, the Fantastic Four soon realize that the true villain behind Mister Fantastic’s torment is none other than Doctor Doom!

Fantastic Doom Invasions

Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom are waging an all-out war! Will you help Mister Fantastic defeat the Villains of the Battlerealm, or will you side with Doctor Doom to annihilate the Heroes? Log in Daily to play either a Fantastic Invasion or Doom Invasion Quest!

The Final Beacon has Been Located!

Collect the 4th and final Beacon to claim your special Profile Picture in December!

Fantastic Family Event

The Fantastic Four are mighty alone but become truly powerful when working together! In that spirit, we’re asking our Summoners to band together for a common goal. Every successful fight across The Battlerealm this month will be tallied up, and the more fights won mean more special Events which will be released in The Contest! All successful fights count towards this goal! Stay tuned for updates as Milestones are reached all month long.

Act 6 Chapter 3

The Champion has been stopped, but Carina’s team is exhausted and wounded from the battle, with Ægon in particular at his limit. The Grandmaster is nowhere to be found, and the anger over Carina’s past mistakes are reaching a boiling point. Continue the epic story in the 3rd Chapter of the final Act of the Elder’s Saga!


Alliance Quest Modifiers

A brand new optional feature to Alliance Quests! Choose from a selection of Buffs to apply to the Defenders of your Alliance Quest Map to customize the difficulty, and earn Honor Rewards! Watch for these later this month.

Alliance Quest Updates

Watch out later this month for an update to the Glory Store and Alliance Quest Rank Rewards, as well as a change to Minibosses in Alliance Quest Maps 3-6, and the addition of a new Miniboss in Map 7.

Automatic Succession of Alliance Leadership

If an Alliance Leader has been inactive for an extended period of time, Leadership will now automatically be passed on to the next eldest and most active Officer or Alliance Member. 


  • Fixed an issue where Ægon was not able to intercept after having achieved a Combo Count of over 750
  • Fixed an issue with Wasp’s Evade ability description to clarify what damaging debuffs she will shrug off when she shrinks.
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Man (Infinity War) would only remove 1 Stack of Bleed when gaining Molecular Armor.
  • Fixed an issue where Robot opponents could still gain power after being Armor Shattered by Medusa.
  • Restored Medusa’s Armor Break functionality to how it previously behaved.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bleeds inflicted by Medusa during Armor Shatter would persist after the Armor Shatter debuff had expired.
  • Fixed an issue where Corvus Glaive would take Bleed and Coldsnap damage while he had Glaive Charges active.
  • Fixed an issue where Domino’s Critical Failure would not trigger on Human Torch, when Incinerates failed to apply on Domino.
  • Fixed an issue where Domino’s Critical Failure would not trigger on Thing, when Rock Stacks failed to activate.
  • Fixed an issue where Domino’s Critical Failure would not trigger on Cull Obsidian, when Combo Shield failed to activate.
  • Fixed an issue where Domino’s Critical Failure would not trigger on Vision (Aarkus), when Armor Break or Power Gain failed to activate.
  • Fixed an issue where the Special Attack 3 of Vision (Age of Ultron) would Power Burn an inconsistent amount of Power.
  • Fixed some interactions with Symbiote Supreme, where Nullify at the start of the fight wasn’t working.