X-Machina, Sinister Labs, Back Issues #3 – Polar Opposites, Summoner’s Sigil



Release Notes



v24.1  Release Notes: New Events, Quests & Updates


CEO of Da Costa International, Roberto Da Costa, needs your assistance. Join solar-powered mutant SUNSPOT (along with begrudging BFFS CABLE & DEADPOOL) as they attempt to solve one of the many mysteries of The Contest, the arrival of the otherworldly WARLOCK!


Mister Sinister has opened challenging and randomized Labs to test the mighty mutants of The Contest! Mixing mutants and crushing Champions can bring forth some unexpected results. Get rewarded as you try and take down randomly Buffed opponents in the Sinister Labs Event Quest.


In a bid to free his mutant brethren, Magneto has begun to assault The Battlerealm! Help the Collector, and a surprising ally, stop him! – Return to a classic Quest from the early days of The Contest with this third edition of BACK ISSUES! This Quest will feature both CLASSIC and VARIANT difficulties. Choose Classic to experience the Quest as it was in 2015, and Variant to face off against highly challenging fights demanding specific Champions and strategic counters!


  • SUMMONER’S SIGIL: Gain access to exclusive content, perks and more when you activate your monthly SUMMONER’S SIGIL! The benefits of your Summoner’s Sigil further increase as you achieve Story Quest milestones. Enjoy a seven-day trial on us to celebrate the update.
  • UPDATED ORGANIZATION FOR EVENT QUESTS: We changed how Event Quests, Daily Quests, and Special Quests are displayed by giving each of them their own screen. The limit for active Quests will stay the same.
    • ÆGON: Clarified the description for Protection to indicate that it does not protect against Damage Over Time Effects.
    • BISHOP: Fixed an issue where Bishop’s Special 2 attack occasionally would not make contact.
    • CHAMPION (Act 6.2): Clarified description to indicate that Damage Over Time Effects can still damage Champion in his final phase.
    • CHAMPION (Act 6.2): Fixed an issue where Magik would become Stunned after using her Special 3 attack to Nullify Champion’s Buffs.
    • DOMINO: Fixed an issue where the Stun State from Domino’s Medium 1 attack was too short, making it possible for opponents to attempt to back away in the middle of the attack, but getting hit instead.
    • IRON MAN: Fixed an issue players occasionally encountered making it difficult to connect a Special 2 attack out of a 5-Hit Combo.
    • MEPHISTO: Fixed an issue where Mephisto’s Special 1 attack may miss after making contact with the first hit.
    • NAMOR: Fixed an issue where Namor was only reflecting damage from one source.
    • SPIDER-MAN (STEALTH SUIT): Clarified attack descriptions to include which attacks are Projectiles.
    • OTHER: Fixed an issue where the Camera would not zoom in at the beginning of a fight.
    • CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP: Updated Abilities and description to: The Defender takes 75% less damage unless the Attacker is Unstoppable, and the Attacker’s Unstoppable Effects last 100% longer.

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