Avengers Forever, Avengers: Last Stand, Solo Objectives, Champions Index



Release Notes




v23.0 will be available on April 24th! Read on to learn about this exciting update!


Avengers Forever

Long confident they had dealt with the threat of Thanos, the Super Heroes of The Battlerealm are shocked when a mysterious figure emerges into The Contest demanding to speak to Captain America. RONIN, a tortured man from an alternate universe, warns of two new CHILDREN OF THANOS arriving from his reality to enact a terrifying plan. With their ranks stretched thinly across many chaotic conflicts; Ronin, Captain America, and the surviving Avengers must travel between different realities to gather new versions of their lost companions and take on The Children of the Mad Titan once more in… AVENGERS FOREVER.

Avengers: Last Stand

With the threat of THANOS rising once more in The Contest, the people of The Battlerealm call upon the AVENGERS to save them! Harness the power of the original INFINITY STONES by completing the initial run of Quests, and then empower the original six Avengers one by one to defeat a final challenge and drive off The Children of Thanos!


Solo Objectives

Solo Objectives are in-game tasks that encourage players to explore all areas of The Contest! Complete groups of Objectives related to your activities across all the varied challenges of The Battlerealm. The more you complete, the more rewards you’ll receive! Look for more Solo Objectives as we add new Events, Features, activities, and more!

Champions Index

New ability to view all the available Champions within The Contest in the updated My Champions Screen.


  • ANNIHILUS: Clarified the description of his Cosmic Control Rod and fixed an issue where the Synergy with Hulk (Ragnarok) could trigger off some Weakness Debuffs
  • EMMA FROST: Corrected 5 and 6-Star Signature Power Indexes to intended design levels.
  • GAMORA: Corrected 6-Star Gamora’s Friends Synergy
  • HEIMDALL: Added a callout for when an opponent fails to trigger Autoblock or Evade due to his abilities
  • HOWARD THE DUCK: Added a custom Special 3 reaction animation to Howard the Duck
  • NICK FURY: Fixed an issue where “Nick’s Leadership” synergy was improperly applying the Attack Boost to Champions without the “Hero” Tag
  • SPIDER-GWEN: Corrected Special 1 Attack description to match her animation and fixed the pause menu description for her Trap Spider mode
  • WASP: Fixed an issue where the Petrify from the Advanced Tech synergy was not properly reducing the opponent’s Regeneration and Power Gain
  • Fixed an issue where Sound Effects were out of sync or playing after the end of a fight
  • Fixed an issue where receiving a “Bye” in Alliance Wars does not count towards the minimum 5 Wars needed to obtain rewards
  • Continued optimizations to Framerate and Game Performance