Battlerealm: Under Siege, Nick Fury’s Recon Initiative, Champion Updates (She-Hulk, Spider-Gwen, Gamora)



Release Notes


Exciting updates available March 6th – Learn more about V22.0

V22.0 kicks off a number of updates and overhauls…


With fears of a clandestine SKRULL invasion, CAPTAIN MARVEL reaches out to the Summoners of The Contest, hoping to unveil the shape-shifting aliens and a put a stop to their plans. Entering the FORBIDDEN TERRITORIES, they find another version of Carol Danvers, a CAPTAIN MARVEL of another universe, who has lost her memories upon entering The Battlerealm and brims with cosmic power. With the help of NICK FURY, the three must trust each other to uncover the true threat lurking beneath the surface.


Fury is looking for a group of remarkable Summoners to infiltrate The Battlerealm as his eyes and ears. Gather INTEL by taking specifically Tagged Champions through weekly Quests. Each week a new team will have to be assembled!


Three Champions have had major updates to keep up with the ever growing challenge of The Contest.


  • New Fury Passives to grant much higher damage output
  • New “Slow” Debuff to prevent Unstoppable and Evade abilities from activating
  • Re-balanced Special Attack effects with greater utility
  • New and updated Synergies


  • New Trap Spider and Hunter Spider Passive Effects to increase damage output and lower the opponent’s Power Gain rate
  • Overhauled Evade mechanic that becomes stronger against Unblockable Special Attacks while also providing an Attack boost
  • Re-balanced Special Attack effects with greater utility
  • New and updated Synergies


  • Can now stack Fury and Cruelty Buffs by landing light and heavy attacks
  • New Cruelty and Fury Buffs can be refreshed with a Heavy Attack to create increasing damage potential
  • Re-balanced Signature Ability that can be re-used during the fight
  • Re-balanced Special Attack effects with greater utility
  • New and updated Synergies


Alliance Auto-Join

  • Find your next great Alliance with the new Alliance Auto-Join feature! The search system automatically tries to find you an active Alliance that suits you

How-To-Play Updates

  • New format and updated content for How-To-Play modules, which can be accessed by tapping on a question mark icon in certain screens

Profile Views from Alliance War Map

  • You are now able to access the Defender’s Summoner profile directly from the Map by tapping on the icon beside the Defender’s alias

Story Mode Progression Visualization

  • A new progress bar on the Story Quests’ screen to indicate progression towards the next Milestone
  • Tapping on the progress bar will open a popup with info about all of the Milestones, including how to complete them, the rewards, and more

New Story Mode Milestones

  • For new Summoners, Complete Act 1 Chapter 4 to earn a new Title CHALLENGER (Players who have previously completed this content will be receiving their Title in the coming weeks)


  • Iron Fist – Signature Ability description provides increased detail regarding Armor Breaks duration
  • Loki and Rogue – Now able to steal or replicate Heimdall’s Aptitude Buff
  • Thing – Added Armor Shatter Immunity info to Ability page