X-Men: Xenoclast, Lunar New Year, Alliance Quest Map 7, Alliance War Matchmaking Update



Release Notes


v21.3 will be available on February 6th! Read on to learn about this exciting update!


A new and dangerous illness has swept over the mutants of The Battlerealm, and the X-Men must align themselves with the Brotherhood to hunt down the source. When all signs point to the return of Mister Sinister, relationships become strained as Cyclops and his brother Havok abandon their allies to join Mister Sinister’s mysterious plan. Can the Summers brothers be saved from the nefarious Mister Sinister and his despicable experiments?


Gift Red Envelopes to your Friends & Alliance members to earn Milestone Rewards in the Lunar New Year Alliance Gifting Event.


Take on the most challenging Alliance Quest Map to date! Alliance Quest Map 7 features more difficult challenges for each and every participant – challenges that will change every week. Random Global Buffs will change who you choose to do battle with, while shifting paths will force you and your Battlegroup to coordinate effectively. Make it through Map 7 and you’ll earn more Points than ever before, a new Map 7 Crystal featuring Tier 5 Basic Catalysts and more!

To compliment the arrival of Map 7, some changes have been made to other Alliance Quest Maps and Rewards. Alliance Quest Map 4 is now FREE to play, and Maps 5 and 6 are now much less costly to participate in. New Random Global Buffs will also feature across Maps 2-6 – choose your team wisely to take advantage! In addition to these changes, the Glory Store has had item costs reduced, new Milestones have been added and existing Milestones have had Map 7 Crystals added to them, and Ranked Rewards now feature more Tier 2 Alpha availability and the inclusion of Tier 5 Basic Fragments!


A brand new Alliance War matchmaking system is in place! Alliances that want to participate in Alliance Wars will have to Enlist to a war during the Opt-In phase, and will be matched against another Alliance at the end of this period. The Opt-In phases begin at 3:00PM PST on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Wars will kick off starting at 11:00AM PST on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Matches will be given out over the course of 4 hours, followed by 20 hours of Defense Placement and you will have 24 hours to complete your Attack Phase. This system will ensure that you’re getting the best possible matches for your Alliance’s strengths and ensure that you are given a match if you are opted-in!


  • DARKHAWK: Birds Of Prey Synergy will now work correctly
  • DARKHAWK: Autoblock will now trigger the Parry Mastery
  • GHOST RIDER:  Info Page listings for Bleed, Damnation and Fate Seal have been corrected to match in-game duration
  • GWENPOOL: Teammates Synergy is now correctly activated with Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
  • HELA: Special 2 Armor Break now correctly tagged as a Debuff
  • SCARLET WITCH: Fixed an issue where ‘Weakness’ was not applying a weakness
  • SPIDER-GWEN: Spider-Gwen’s Special 1 Attack has been completely re-animated, and will now strike the opponent
  • VENOMPOOL: Static Shock ability will now correctly deal Energy Damage
  • VULTURE: Fixed issues regarding Armor Up (Chitauri Armor) interaction with Hela’s Armor Shattered and Mephisto’s Soul Prison


  • Fixed an issue where Summoners Level 40+ could not have more than two Tier 5 Basic Catalysts  inventory items
  • Summoners can now Unblock other Summoners in their Social Hub if the Blocked Summoner had changed their name
  • Fixed an issue where you could not Duel a Summoner with a default Profile Pic
  • Fixed an issue where the Vigor Node on Wolverine (X-23) in Act 5 Chapter 4, Quest 6 was applied incorrectly and did not affect the fight
  • Summoners will no longer continue to take damage when a match timer expires
  • Custom Art will now be used to differentiate each Battlegroup depending on the Map chosen
  • Performance and Connectivity improvements