New Quests: Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer, Occult Laboratory, My Little Symbiote



Release Notes


v20.1 will be available on October 1st! Read on to learn about this exciting update!

NEW Quests!

Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer

Doctor Strange has not been seen since the events of the Infinity War left him without his mystical powers. Guillotine has not been seen since well before then. The Battlerealm has been unusually quiet, with whispers of a stirring presence emerging in the darkness of the unknown regions… The mysterious force doesn’t take long to show itself: A Sorcerer Supreme from a different dimension seeking more power and with far less prudence opened their prison and willingly bonded with a Symbiote, imprisoned long ago in the Forbidden Territories by The Grandmaster. Help Guillotine, Doctor Strange, and unlikely ally Venom take down the Symbiotic Sorcerer in BLOOD AND VENOM: SYMBIOMANCER!

Occult Laboratory

Dark experiments in symbiote evolution fused with forbidden magics have paved the way to the great power wielded by the Symbiote Supreme. Now, the foul magister has created several bases from which he plans to expand his dark influence over The Battlerealm. Dismantle his evil establishments and the corrupt denizens, but beware the multitude of unpredictable buffs that he will use to oppose you! The power of the Randomizer will allow you a chance to re-roll buffs on your opponents, but be wary you do not make them stronger!

My Little Symbiote

Trailing the symbiote invasion, a horrifying new group of creatures has invaded The Contest! The Grandmaster has tasked Summoners with the role of caretaker for these Summoned Symbioids. While initially humble, Summoners who track down limited Klyntar Katalysts in the Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer quest will find great potential in the creatures. Additionally, Klyntar Strands found in the Occult Laboratory and Symbiomancer quests can be used to purchase special Boost items called “Enhancements.” These Enhancements will temporarily transform the Symbioid into a formidable opponent, allowing Summoners potential to tackle harder quest difficulty. These Enhancements will ONLY be active when in the Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer quest. To highlight the Summoned Symbioid’s potential, we will temporarily be adding a Symbiote difficulty level to the monthly event quest, where we will test your usage of the Summoned Symbioid’s unique powers against fights built specifically with its boosts in mind!

Be forewarned: The power of both the Summoned Symbioid and the Enhancements is limited. Come the end of the event, the Enhancements will vanish, and the Symbioid will return to parts unknown! Summoners who add the Summoned Symbioid to their team will be granted the special title ‘Hospitable Host.’ Prepare yourself; the Symbioids are on their way!

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where Champions would get stuck mid-animation, and remain that way
  • Fixed an issue where Mystic Dispersion was not properly being affected by Ability Accuracy Reduction
  • Various performance and stability improvements

Character Fixes and Improvements:


  • Fixed an issue where her Signature Ability was not properly preventing enemy Nullify effects
  • Fixed an issue where Angela’s Aptitude Buff would show an incorrect icon on the Pause Menu if she had 2 or more Stacks of it


  • Increased Base Attack, Health, and Block Proficiency. (Note increasing his Base Attack increases the potency of all of his Fury Buffs as well)
  • Increased Bleed length and Damage on Heavy attack Bleed Debuff
  • Increased Bleed length and Damage on his Special 3 attack Bleed Debuff
  • New Ability: Each time Carnage triggers a Bleed Debuff, he has a chance to Refresh the Duration of all other active Bleed Debuffs. If one of his Bleed Debuffs fails due to an Immunity, he places an Armor Break instead
  • New Ability: Carnage gains increased Power Rate when striking the Opponent. The potency of this ability decreases per Mutation Buff he has active
  • Updated Signature Ability: Carnage gains a Power Gain Buff as long as the Opponent is suffering from a Bleed or Armor Break. The amount of Power gained increases when Carnage is close to his Opponent
  • Fixed an issue where a callout for Power Gain would repeatedly display

Doctor Strange:

  • Fixed an issue where Doctor Strange’s Counterspell was not removing all Buff Types

Doctor Voodoo:

  • Fixed an issue where Doctor Voodoo was not triggering Mystic Dispersion when converting Loas with his Special 2 Attack

Emma Frost:

  • Fixed an Issue where Emma Frost was not immune to Coldsnap while in her Diamond Form
  • Fixed an issue where Emma Frost’s Heavy Attack range was larger than it should be


  • When Unstoppable, if Juggernaut is Stunned, Juggernaut will remove the Stun Debuff and apply his Heavy Attack Stagger debuff to the Opponent.
  • The chance to apply a Stagger from Juggernaut’s Heavy Attack has been increased from 90% to 100%

King Groot:

  • Fixed an issue where King Groot’s Poison inflicted from his Special 2 Attack was not scaling correctly with his modified Attack Rating


  • Fixed an issue where Nightcrawler was able to apply his Deep Wounds Bleed on Korg


  • Fixed an issue where the expiry of her Signature Ability Fury Buffs was only triggering Mystic Dispersion once, regardless of the number of Buffs expiring. (Note: She still does not trigger Mystic Dispersion if those Buffs are consumed to trigger her Autoblock)


  • Fixed an issue where Rhino’s Unblockable text would only appear against XL Champions. The Unblockable callout will also now appear when Rhino starts his Dash attack, and not right before he makes contact


  • Fixed an issue where 5-Star She-Hulk’s Signature Ability was providing a positive effect to the opponent, as opposed to the stated negative effect.

Thor (Jane Foster):

  • Fixed an issue where Thor (Jane Foster) was indefinitely able to charge her Heavy Attack.


  • Venom now has a continuous Klyntar Mutation Buff that refreshes itself every 9 seconds and lasts 9 seconds. This Buff increases his attack
  • Each time this Mutation Buff activates, Venom gains one of his Genetic Memory Buffs.
  • Maximum number of Genetic Memory Buffs allowed has increased from 5 to 8.
  • Genetic Memory Buffs have all been increased in strength:
    • Resist Physical 11% Damage Reduction. Now 15%
    • Armor Up 7% Damage Reduction. Now 10%
    • Critical Damage 53%. Now 70%
    • Critical Chance 19%. Now 20%
    • Fury 11% Attack. Now 15%.
  • The Klyntar Mutation Buff provides additional bonuses to Venom if the opponent is a Hero Champion, a Tech Champion or a Spider-Verse Champion
  • Heavy Attacks now cause Armor Break and randomize the most recent Genetic Memory Buff that Venom has gained
  • 80% chance to inflict Bleed on Critical Hits
  • Potency of Bleed increased from 45% of attack rating to 75% of attack rating
  • While the opponent is below 18% health, Venom’s attacks gain True Strike and his Special Attacks become Unblockable
  • Special 1: Each strike has a 55% chance to steal an opponent Buff, healing Venom for a small amount and causing him to gain a Genetic Memory Buff
  • Special 2: All Genetic Memory Buffs are converted into Fury Buffs
  • Special 3: Gains increased damage for each Buff on Venom
  • Signature: Now allows Venom to start the fight with 2 Genetic Memory Buffs, as well as a chance to begin with a third. Signature also increases the Potency of all Genetic Memory Buffs
  • Synergies: More Champions added to each synergy
  • New Unique Synergy with Vulture and Green Goblin – Arachnid Hunters: Venom gains +1 Max Genetic Memory Buff Cap, Vulture gains +2000 Armor vs. Special Attacks while an Armor Up Buff is active, Green Goblin gains +1% Attack for each Cunning and Madness charge