New quest: X-Men: Class Omega, new event: X-Men Danger Room, Alliance Quests Season 5



Release Notes


v20.0 will be available on September 5th! Read on to learn about this exciting update!

NEW QUEST: X-Men: Class Omega

Though the Cabal’s emergence has given criminals a place to call home, numerous other factions and groups are looking for a banner under which to unite. In order to rally mutant-kind to a singular cause, the telepath, Emma Frost, has appeared with the illustrious Omega Academy, designed to bring out the true potential in mutants. But Beast and Bishop have some reservations, given Frost’s checkered past, and want to get a closer look. Is this just a school for helping the mutants, or is there something more underneath the surface? Join their investigation to see what is lingering inside of the Omega Academy.

NEW EVENT: X-Men Danger Room

Prove your skills each day with new Champion Requirements which will modify what Champions you’re allowed to bring into a quest with Danger Rooms. Can you win with a team of only Science Class Champions (or another single Class)? Earn Passes throughout the week to gain entry into the UNCANNY Danger Room on the final day to earn great rewards.

ALLIANCE QUESTS: Season 5 is on starting September 9th!

Dormammu’s Dominion ends, and Kingpin’s Conclave takes its place with major improvements!

  • Alliance Leadership can now select the number of Battlegroups they wish to play at the start of each Alliance Quest
  • Battlegroup Map choice allows different Battlegroups to play different Alliance Quest Maps, so Alliances with different types of Summoners can still enjoy Alliance Quests together
  • Each Map now has a cost per Battlegroup instead of a total cost for 3 Battlegroups to better facilitate different Map choices for different Battlegroups
  • Randomized Buffed enemies keep things fresh from week-to-week. In order to keep the playing field level, all Alliances will see the same randomization as all other Alliances, and any randomized enemy will no longer be hidden on the Map to allow you to plan your Alliance Quest team
  • In addition to randomized enemies, all-new encounters across all Maps will shake things up alongside an all new boss: Kingpin
  • New difficulty scaling raises the ceiling on difficulty for the most powerful Alliances, but also yield more points to coincide with the addition of new Peak Milestones
  • New Season 5 Map Crystals offer increased rewards for Summoners’ efforts!
  • More Tier 2 Alpha availability in Ranked rewards to allow you to Rank Up your top Champions faster

NEW FEATURE: Champion Requirements

Quests can now have specific requirements that denote what Champions you must bring in order to start the Quest. These can be tagged by Class, Rarity, Type, etc. Check out the X-Men: Danger Room Event for the first round of this.


  • Adjusted the speed of Domino’s 2-hit Medium attack to bring it in pace with other 2-hit Medium attacks
  • Improved Red Skull’s ability to successfully land his Special 2 Attack after finishing a combo with a Medium attack
  • Fixed an issue where Ghost would not gain a Precision buff from her Special 1 Attack if her attack was blocked or didn’t make contact
  • Improved Domino’s ability to successfully land her Special 2 Attack after finishing a combo with a Medium attack
  • Fixed an issue where Hela would lose Temporary Fury effects faster than intended when decreasing from 7 stacks to 3 stacks
  • Fixed an issue where failing his first Synthesis trigger due to Ability Accuracy, would prevent Vision from triggering it for the rest of the fight.
  • Clarified Heimdall’s Synergies by adding text to correctly label which are Unique Synergies
  • Fixed an issue where Rogue and Loki were not able to “Steal” Heimdall’s Aptitude Buff
  • You can now scroll on Rewards Screens, allowing us to display more Rewards!
  • Mystic Dispersion now only triggers when a Buff on the Opponent is Nullified or Expires
  • Dexterity no longer triggers a Precision Buff if one is already active. This Buff is not consumed after landing a single hit, and now runs on a timer.