Hey everyone! We have been hard at work on improving the game and have prepared a big update inspired in part by your great community feedback. Please keep letting us know what you think!

• Fixed many Dash, Medium, Heavy and Special Attacks missing or failing to execute.
• Added Alliances and a new Alliance Crystal.
• Rocket Raccoon and Unstoppable Colossus join The Contest.
• Temporary Boosts to Attack, Health, and XP are now available from the Alliance Crystal.
• Rewards for completing and exploring Chapters and Acts. Earn a guaranteed 3-Star hero crystal for each fully explored Act! This is retroactive, just complete any quest to claim them.
• A new Fight Menu combines The Arenas, Story Quests and Event Quest menus.
• Updated Summoner Profiles with new information. Inspect other players’ Profiles and brag about your achievements!
• A list of blocked users has been added to Chat windows. The option to unblock these users is found in this new menu. The power is in your hands now!

Bug Fixes & Optimization:
• We fixed Dash and Medium Attack issues for many heroes that sometimes missed or did not activate.
• We fixed issues to Drax and Colossus Light and Medium Attacks where they would not connect.
• Fixed an issue where the camera would stop moving after a level 3 special sequence.
• Fixed an issue where the player’s heavy attack would get stuck in charge even after the player has released input.
• Fixed a rare bug where Champions were still able to deal damage after they died, resulting in tied fights.

Form Alliances with your Friends!
What is better than playing? Playing with your friends! Create a new Alliance or join an existing one through the new Alliance Menu.
• Invite other players to your Alliance.
• Search for an Alliance by name or join a Recommended Alliance.
• Receive rewards for entering your first Alliance.
• Alliance News Feed. The news feed celebrates your Alliance member’s achievements.
• Alliance Chat. Chat with other members of your Alliance in a private channel all to yourself.
• Help Allies. Players can ask for help when out of Energy or Stamina. Alliance members help each other as much as they can to earn Loyalty Points. Loyalty points have a daily limit to how many can be earned.
• Alliance Crystal. Access a new Alliance Crystal while part of any Alliance. Use new Loyalty Points for purchasing Alliance Crystals.

New Champion!
• Find Unstoppable Colossus inside the new Alliance Crystal
He may start out slow, but watch out for his immense power at high ranks!

• Adjusted the range of many Heavy Attacks, including Hulk and Drax, to ensure they correctly connect with enemies.

• Many Special Attacks, including those for Wolverine, Iron Fist, Winter Soldier, Punisher, Black Panther, and many others have had their range adjusted to ensure they correctly connect with enemies even if activated immediately after a combo that knocked the enemy back.

• Heroes no longer Evade while Stunned

• Payback and Unbreakable now display their maximum potential damage bonus.

• Added detailed descriptions for Bleed Immunity and Poison Immunity.

• Gamora: We’ve adjusted the scaling of her base Special Attack damage to ensure they scale up more similarly to other heroes. This also makes Gamora more reliant on her high Bleed damage, and improves the chances of opponents able to deal with her high Bleed.

Vital Strike and Jade Assassin damage decreased by 10%.
Godslayer damage increased by 10%.

• Magik: Rewind is a game-changer for Magik that allows her to go up against foes like Gamora and Rewind off big Critical Hits and Bleed damage; however, the frequency of Rewind triggering was too low to be there when she needed it.

Increased the likelihood Rewind triggers by +20% at all levels.

Rewind now heals over one second instead of instantly.

Fixed a bug allowing Magik to break out of an enemy combo using Rewind. It now only removes Status Effects.

• Hulk: Given the riskiness of losing Health in certain game modes, Hulk’s anger-management provided too little help too late in the game. We’ve increased the Attack boost to ensure he’s appropriately scary in all game modes – as long as he’s angry!

Increased Hulk Rage by +20% Attack at all ability levels.

• Iron Man: The Arc Overload ability is powerful but predictable. We’ve removed the drawback after the ability expires knowing more counters exist:
Arc Overload no longer causes Armor Break when it expires.

• Vision: Added Poison Immunity to our robot friend.

Arena tuning is an ongoing process. The team is continually making adjustments to Arenas to improve the experience.