Enter the Cabal, Gwenpool goes to the movies



Release Notes


V19.1 will be available on July 30th! Read on to learn about this exciting update!



The power vacuum created by Thanos’ defeat lingers still. Despite their best efforts, the Super Heroes of The Contest, led by the survivors of the Infinity War, have been unable to keep a handle on crime sweeping The Battlerealm. Ordinarily petty criminals have become more coordinated, excavating large parts of The Battlerealm in search of something. It doesn’t take long for the culprit to be revealed: The Red Skull has emerged as the leader of The Cabal, The Dark Illuminati. A collection of malevolent super-geniuses who have taken over control of the Black-ISO Mafia and other criminal organizations in The Battlerealm. The Super Heroes of The Contest must uncover Red Skull’s plans with the help of the gatekeeper of the Bifrost, Heimdall, and innocent bystanders Korg and Miek, but their discoveries only raise more questions, and suggest the worst is yet to come…


Join Gwenpool for a walk down memory lane as you re-experience the chills and thrills of the many cinematic adventures of the Champions… even if they don’t necessarily remember the events in question happening as movies.


Dungeons are making their return from August 20th to September 3rd, with a number of improvements:

  • Early Exit – If you or your co-op partner quits, the remaining player won’t be stuck in the Dungeon and will still be able to finish the Room they’re currently in and earn its rewards
  • Dungeon fights now reward XP
  • A new Dungeon store is available containing Dungeon-specific Potions, Revives, and new Dungeon Crystals
  • A new difficulty to add more granularity for all Summoners
  • Updated rewards, buffs, and bosses.
  • A new permanent Dungeon currency, which you can spend right away or save for the next event! Infinity Dungeons will return after September 3rd. Stay tuned for details!


  • Fixed an issue where Rhino’s Unstoppable was not interacting with Ability Accuracy modification
  • Improved Gamora’s ability to chain into a Special 1 Attack after ending a Combination
  • Fixed an Issue where Masacre’s info page was not displaying his information correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Champions would get hit when evading a Multi-Hit attack
  • Fixed an issue where Mordo’s Block visual effects would remain on screen when no longer blocking
  • Fixed a visual issue where Iron Man (Infinity War) would display an Autoblock callout after receiving a Special 3 Attack
  • Added text to Domino’s info page to clarify that attacks made with her Blasters are projectile attacks
  • Added clarity to Wasp’s info page regarding which attack combos will trigger her Heavy Attack abilities
  • Fixed a text issue in Taskmaster and Domino’s synergy
  • Added Clarity to Blade’s Danger Sense description to specify that it will ignore Dimensional Beings’ Immunities
  • When a Champion with the ability to land a critical hit into a block does so, it will now display a “Critical” callout
  • Archangel’s Stun on Expiry of Neurotoxin will no longer trigger Black Panther (Civil War)’s Reflect Stun when attacking him while the Stun activates