NEW QUEST: Return to the Micro-Realm, NEW CONTENT: Micro-Realms, Peak Milestones



Release Notes


v19.0 will be available on July 3rd! Read on to learn about this exciting update!

NEW QUEST: Return to the Micro-Realm

With The Battlerealm still in disarray, and the situation only worsening by the actions of thoughtless criminals like the Black ISO Mafia, the Super Heroes of The Contest have spread themselves far and wide to stomp out villainous activity before it can grow to maturity. Returning to the Micro-Realm for an investigation, Ant-Man and The Wasp find a mysterious excavation effort, headed up by the Micro Adaptoids, to collect all the remaining condensed ISO-8 used long ago to create the Genesis Stone. Fighting their way through the legions of tiny opponents, they track down the perpetrator: Ghost! But who is she working for?

NEW CONTENT: Micro-Realms

Micro-Realms appear! Shrink yourself down with new Pym Particle Disks to gain access to the Micro-Realm and explore for exciting rewards!


  • Want to know what Buffs and Debuffs are active in your current fight? Tap the Pause button to see more detailed info about which ones you and your opponent currently have
  • Tap Smart Select on the Champion Upgrade screen to automatically choose the most efficient ISO-8 to level up your Champion, starting with Class Bonus items
  • We’ve made significant adjustments to Alliance Quest Maps 1 through 4 to get new Alliances into the action faster. These changes will make it easier for new Alliances to coordinate and play together.
  • We’ve made the distinction between different Reward Brackets clearer in Alliance Wars, so you can easily tell where your Alliance will land, and what you could receive
  • Changed the appearance of the Concussion Icon to be unique, as it was also being used by other Debuffs


Progress as far as you can and earn the best and most useful Rewards for your Alliance, from the highest Milestone you’ve reached with the new Peak Milestone Rewards system! Peak Milestones are a hybrid of Milestone Rewards and Rank Rewards. They will still reward Summoners for hitting a specific Point Total, but will only reward Summoners and Alliances the highest milestone that they reach at the end of the event, instead of as they pass milestone thresholds. Peak Milestones will allow us to tailor different rewards to different ranges of Summoners, but not cap the rewards for any Summoners or Alliances that want to push further. For more information on Peak Milestones, head to our Forum Post.


  • Fixed an issue where the highlight around power bars would remain after using a Special 3 Attack
  • Ghost Rider’s Damnation will now remove Sabretooth’s Regeneration
  • Fixed an issue where Red Hulk would not gain a Heat Charge when purifying the Poison from the Liquid Courage Mastery
  • Fixed an issue where AI would freeze during a fight and become unresponsive until hit by the player
  • Fixed an issue where Bishop’s Prowess Buffs would not be consumed if his Special Attack is blocked
  • Fixed an issue where some Champions could start a new Combination against an Opponent that has been knocked down
  • Fixed an issue where the Skill Sentinel was about to purify an Armor Shattered Debuff
  • Fixed a text issue with Domino’s Synergy with Cable that stated that the Synergy applies to all Champions on the Team
  • Fixed an issue with Masacre’s “Mercs for Money” Synergy Description where it did not state he also started the fight with 1-5 Ignition Charges
  • Fixed an issue where Masacre’s “Playing with Fire” Synergy Description incorrectly implied that blocked attacks will also apply Incinerate
  • Fixed an issue with Rogue where it was sometimes not possible to chain from a Combo into her Special 1 Attack
  • Fixed an issue where some Champions would miss with their first light attack in a combo
  • Doctor Strange’s Hoggath’s Wisdom will no longer appear as a buff.  It will now appear as a Passive.
  • Fixed an issue where Thor (Jane Foster) was incorrectly tagged as a “Large” Champion, instead of “Small”