New Quest Content: Masacre and the Mercs for Money, Assassin Assignments and Merc Missions, EU General Data Protection Regulation



Release Notes


v18.1 will be available on June 4th! Read on to learn about this exciting update!

New Quest Content:

Masacre and the Mercs for Money

Thanos has been defeated, but the price paid was high. With the Grandmaster stripped of much of his power and missing, The Contest of Champions is a rudderless ship. Many groups fight over control, with others trying to keep the peace. Still more find work as mercenaries, using the chaos as way to make a quick buck in The Battlerealm, or gain notoriety for themselves. Amidst the chaos, Cable calls on you to help him find an old friend investigating a rise of organized crime in The Contest. Little do they know, things are about to get confusing…

Assassin Assignments and Merc Missions

With The Battlerealm in disarray, the legendary mutant mercenary Domino has opened a new business to hunt down the biggest and the baddest, and she needs your help to get the most lucrative scores! Domino will have a steady stream of Assassin Assignment quests to complete, and if you impress her enough on one of those, she may even give you and your whole Alliance a bigger contract: Merc Missions. Explore as many Assassin Assignments as you can to earn your chance at Merc Mission quests, and make your name as the most prolific Merc in The Battlerealm!

EU General Data Protection Regulation

Added a new pop-up when booting up for users in the European Union and Great Britain to adhere to the new EU GDPR Guidelines and Regulations.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Champions could not Block following an Evade
  • Fixed an issue where the second hit in Proxima Midnight’s Special 2 Attack would occasionally miss after making contact with the first
  • Fixed an issue where Gambit was being recognized as a Villain
  • Fixed an issue where the first attack in Sentinel’s Special 1 Attack was not acting as a projectile
  • Fixed an issue where Archangel’s Stuns from Neurotoxin were not acting as a Debuff
  • Fixed an issue where Champions could Auto-Block and Attack at the same time
  • Fixed an exploit where Dormammu could continuously perform heavy attacks against an opponent against the wall
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Champions to become unresponsive following receiving a Special 3 Attack while blocking
  • Fixed an animation issue with Thor (Ragnarok) and Medusa’s Autoblock abilities
  • Fixed an animation issue where Magneto would disappear from the screen during his Special 2 Attack
  • Fixed an animation issue where Thor and Captain America’s thrown projectiles would occasionally not return to them.
  • Text corrections and clarifications for Iron Man (Infinity War) and Thanos (Infinity War)