Infinity Nightmare, Infinity Dungeons, Trials of the Mad Titan, Infinity Dust



Release Notes


v18.0 will be available on April 25th! Read on to learn about this exciting update!

THE INFINITY WAR HAS ARRIVED! The Mad Titan has been wreaking havoc, find out how this will impact The Contest with:

NEW QUEST – Infinity Nightmare

Thanos has won. His Infinity Gauntlet is complete, and with it he wields supreme power. Sitting atop The Battlerealm, he issues his first decree: “NO MORE GAMES. THE CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS IS OVER”. Everything grinds to a halt. His children hunt the heroes, who have taken refuge in the Astral Plane. It’s up to an uneasy alliance between M.O.D.O.K., Mephisto, and an army of freed Champions, led by Captain America and Iron Man to stop Thanos, or die trying. Help them defeat Thanos now in our new event quest beginning on May 2nd!

NEW MODE – Infinity Dungeons – Available for a limited time only!

Team up with another Summoner to battle through an endless series of Rooms. Even better, they don’t have to be in your alliance! Strategize with them while in the Dungeon with the new Quick Chat feature. Each Dungeon has a unique theme depending on the day you play, including randomized Buffs on Nodes that are different every time you play.

The further you go, the harder it becomes, and the better the rewards. Once you have completed a Room, you must decide whether to push on to the next and more difficult Room, or conclude the Dungeon and collect the points and rewards you’ve earned so far. Points earn you a new currency called Dark Artifacts. Use these vessels of dark power to purchase new Infinity Dungeon Crystals containing Champions. Recruit a friend and see how far you can get! This mode will be live on April 25th at 4pm PST.

Trials of the Mad Titan

  • The power of The Battlerealm’s Infinity Stones have spread throughout The Contest, leaving pockets of their condensed energies ripe for the picking.
  • Cut your teeth on foes infused with the power of the Stones each day, and then collect Boosts that will temporarily give you access to the unique powers offered by each Gem!
  • Combine these boosts on the final day each week to take on powerful enemies in the Trial of Omniscience, where the greatest rewards and most dangerous enemies lie!

Infinity Dust

  • Earn Infinity Dust throughout The Contest to spend in the store on items like Catalysts, Crystal Shards and more!

Vanquishing Blows

  • Vanquishing Blows are returning to The Contest for a limited time, challenging Summoners to defeat their opponents using light attacks, a level 3 Special Attack, or utilizing other specific strategies in order to gain rewards including Infinity Dust! Look for these events later in May!

Alliance Wars Season 2

After a successful first season, we’re back with Alliance Wars Season 2! Several nodes have been overhauled in the Expert difficulty map to create more variety in encounters, as well as make defender placement decisions have more impact and value.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Mordo’s Astral Evade Passive Ability was able to be suppressed by Ability Accuracy reduction
  • Fixed an issue with Morningstar’s Synergy with Guillotine that allowed her to receive more Souls than intended
  • Removed the Recoil Damage on Blackbolt’s Special 2 Attack
  • Reworded the Mastery Description of Recoil to accurately reflect the Bonus Damage that it inflicts on the opponent
  • Fixed an issue with Thanos’ Special 2 Attack description. It now correctly calls out that it does True Damage
  • Updated in fight icons for Iceman’s Coldsnap and Ice Armor abilities
  • Extended the length of Captain Marvel’s Special 2 animation to make it safe to chain into from a combo