Drop rates in the Contest



Release Notes


We’ve been working on a way to give you more information about our drop rates on items like Crystals before you purchase them. This information will be available for you to check out in the game when our v17.1.5 update comes out on March 12, 2018.

Why are you putting this information in now?

It’s no secret that Apple has recently introduced new rules for games like ours to make systems more transparent for you. This is also something that we have been discussing for quite some time, as many of you have asked to see more information on the drop rates. We took the time to ensure that we are displaying the information in the appropriate manner and that it was easy to access.

What items will I get to see the Drop Rates for?

You will see the drop rates displayed for Crystals purchased in the following stores or areas of the game:

  • Glory and Loyalty Stores
  • Crystal Vault
  • Special event-driven stores (e.g. Valor Store)
  • Daily Cards
  • Crystals purchased with real money or Units (within the stores or as special promotions)

Where will I find this information?

Within the game, when you go to any of the Stores mentioned above to purchase a Crystal, you will find an info icon. When you tap on this icon, you will see the drop rates for the items within the Crystal. The drop rates will be displayed as a percentage. Below is an example of how and where this information will be displayed:

How do the drop rates work?

Our drop rates are set in our back-end administration platform for the game. We strongly believe in keeping The Contest fair for all of our players and we do not create specific drop rates for individuals.

Drop rates indicate the likelihood that you will receive the specified item. Here are a couple of quick examples to help explain how drop rates work:

  • If you have a coin, the likelihood of tossing this coin and getting heads vs. tails is 50%. Each time that you toss the coin is independent of the previous coin toss and the likelihood of getting heads vs. tails doesn’t change because you tried again. If you toss this coin 10 times, it is possible that it may turn up heads every time, just once, twice, three times, etc. Each coin toss is independent and not affected by the previous coin toss.
  • In relation to the game, if you buy a Premium Hero Crystal, and the drop rate for a 4-Star Champion is 2%, this doesn’t mean that if you buy 100 Premium Hero Crystals you’re guaranteed to receive a 4-Star Champion two times. This means that you have a 2% chance to get a 4-Star Champion each time you open that Crystal. If you purchase one Premium Hero Crystal, you could receive a 4-Star Champion, or you could purchase multiple Premium Hero Crystals and not receive any 4-Star Champion.

Our mission is to continue to give you updates on The Contest and be as transparent with you as possible. Sometimes things can take a little while for us to investigate, research and respond to. We appreciate your patience, feedback and continued support. We listen to your feedback and continue to work hard to bring you a fair, fun, entertaining and competitive game.

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