Alliance Wars Seasons, 6-Star Champions now available, Rise of the Black Panther



Release Notes


v17.0 will be available on January 31st! Read on to learn about this exciting update!

Alliance Wars Seasons

  • Get ready to face the highest level of competition between Alliances that The Contest has to offer!
  • Join forces with your teammates, fight to climb the Leaderboards, and win awesome rewards!
  • Season rewards include Tier 5 Basic Catalysts, Tier 2 Alpha Catalysts, 6-Star Hero Shards, the new Alliance Badges, and exclusive Titles!

Quest Content:

New Event Quest – Rise of the Black Panther

The Illuminati, led by Doctor Strange, have been scrambling to procure Infinity Stones and head Thanos off at every turn. They are losing. In a last ditch effort to buy them some time, Black Panther heads off on a suicide mission to turn the tide of war, or at least to buy the Champions some time… Play the Rise of the Black Panther Quest today!

Trials of the King

As Thanos slowly gains power across The Battlerealm, T’Challa reflects on the teachings of the ancient guardian of the Black Panthers – Bast. Sensing himself only as strong as his allies, the Black Panther has invited you to participate in the Trials of the King to prove your devotion to his cause. Participate in each daily Trial of the King to earn powerful Essences which give you an edge on the challenging 7th day! Prove yourself to King T’Challa and Bast!

6-Star Champions now available!

6-Star Champions are now available to join your roster! Collect Shards to form your 6-Star Hero Crystal and add these powerful new Champions to your team! For more information, check out our blog post.

Lunar New Year Celebration

Lunar New Year Red Packets return for the Year of the Dog! Gift Red Packets to other Summoners for rewards. A Lunar New Year Calendar will also be available to earn Units, Gold, and 5-star Hero Crystal Shards!

New Fighting Arena

Battle in the Muspelheim fighting arena – inspired by Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where 5-Star Hulkbuster’s “Family” synergy was inadvertently at Level 2, instead of Level 3
  • Fixed an issue where the “Nemesis” synergy was delivering a bonus less than what is displayed in game
  • Fixed an issue where multi-hit attacks were triggering multiple callouts in fights against M.O.D.O.K.
  • Made improvements to performance of Medium Hits missing after the opponent completes a Heavy Attack
  • Made improvements to an issue where Champions would dash in instead of performing a block on the iPhone X
  • Fixed an issue where Groot’s Special 2 Attack was not deactivating Thor (Ragnarok)’s Power Gain
  • Fixed an audio issue with a Skill Symbiod’s Special Attack
  • Fixed an issue where Rhino would not always gain an Unstoppable buff while dashing in
  • Fixed an issue where Daredevil would evade the second hit in Iceman’s Special 2 Attack after being struck by the first