Gods of the Arena, Bounty Missions: Tests of Valor, Solo Events: Vanquishing Blow



Release Notes


v16.0 will be available on November 1st! Read on to learn about this exciting update!

Gods of the Arena

Upon arriving in the Battlerealm, a Mjolnir-less Thor seeks to restore his honor. Amused by the Asgardian’s fervor and thirst for battle, the Grandmaster creates a Battlerealm-wide tournament to determine the greatest warrior in The Contest. Thor jumps at the chance. However, the ceaseless battle across The Contest attracts otherworldly powers that seek to capitalize on the strife and violence the tournament generates…

Bounty Missions: Tests of Valor

Earn Valor for a chance to initiate these short, challenging Bounty Missions for your whole Alliance and earn Crystal Shards and even more Valor! By completing a Test of Valor you enhance the rewards received by the Bounty Mission’s initiator – work together with your Alliance members to help each other earn more rewards! Already contributed to the Bounty Mission? Play all 4 difficulties of a Test of Valor to earn as much Valor as you can and climb to the top of the Valor Leaderboard!

Solo Events: Vanquishing Blow

New to The Contest is a brand new type of Solo Event that rewards points on how you finish your opponent in combat! Vanquishing Blow challenges Summoners to defeat their opponents in specific ways–using Bleed damage, a Level 3 Special Attack, and other different demands–to gain points and rewards – including Valor! Don’t miss out on this limited-time Solo Event!

UI Improvements: Updated Energy and Currency Display

  • Tap on your energy or resource display at the top of your screen to display and quickly take a look at all of your available energies (Event, Alliance War, Alliance Quest) and currencies (Units, Glory, Loyalty, Battle Chips, Valor) at once!
  • The Strategic Menu found on the left side of the screen in Quest Maps will only default to being Open at the start of every map, and will remain closed until opened again.

Bug Fixes:

  • Adjusted the Power Reserve buff in Act 5, Chapter 3 to reduce frustrating interactions with Magik and Cable’s Abilities
  • Fixed an issue where Mephisto’s Synergy with Morningstar was not displaying correctly in the Character’s Synergy screens
  • Reduced Gwenpool’s chance to proc a Bleed on her Heavy attack to 5% to prevent an exploitable loop in gameplay
  • Fixed an issue with the Optimist buff where regenerating health will not disengage the buff until the Champion has 30% of their health again
  • Fixed an issue where Howard the Duck’s Thunderquack would not be removed when a Stun Debuff is applied
  • Fixed an issue where the True Strike buff node would not negate all types of Evade
  • Fixed an issue where the Debilitate buff was not applying to all kinds of Debuffs
  • Fixed an issue where the Inequity mastery was not applying to all kinds of Debuffs
  • Updated the Willpower Mastery to interact with several recently-introduced Debuffs that were previously not triggering Willpower.