Release Notes


v15.1 will be available on September 27th! Read on to learn about this exciting update!


Dr. Strange, Gamora, and Nebula ask the Summoner’s assistance in tracking down the wayward Guillotine, whom Strange believes can give them key information as to the plans of the mighty and menacing Thanos. As the group attempts to find and secure the missing curse-bearer, more than one evil rears its ugly head… Play this new event quest September 27th!

In-Fight interface has been updated to better showcase the difference between Buffs from Nodes

  • Buffs, Debuffs and Passive Effects that a Champion gets from a Node now have an extra icon to help differentiate them
  • Active Buffs and Active Debuffs will be unchanged
  • Passive Buffs and Passive Debuffs will no longer have a colored border to better distinguish them from Active Buffs

Bug Fixes:

  • Made improvements to Parry consistency
  • Fixed an issue where some Champions were able to be interrupted in the middle of a Special Attack
  • Fixed an issue where effects from Special Attacks would persist even when the Champion has been stunned or knocked out
  • Fixed an issue where Despair would not always reduce Healing as much as it should have
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to take any action after using Special Attacks of some Champions
  • Adjusted Kingpin’s Heavy Attack reset time to be in line with all other Champions
  • Fixed an issue where Doctor Octopus’s Special 2 Attack was not acting as a Projectile