Sinister Foes of Spider-Man



Release Notes


V14.1 will be available on August 2nd! Here’s what you need to know about our latest update…

Sinister Foes of Spider-Man

As the Grandmaster asserts control over the Battlerealm, he decides to place the Champions in proper games suited to their abilities. Holding a particular distaste for his brother’s favourite Champion, Spider-Man, he places Peter Parker in a tight spot: Surrounded by some of his greatest nemeses! Knowing he won’t be able to fight his sinister opponents alone, Spider-Man is calling on you, Summoners, to come to his aid!

Character Updates

Punisher 2099

  • Battery icon no longer shows the countdown timer to a new recharge. This aspect was removed to reduce the amount of activity on the hud and keep more focus on the action.
  • Large optimization to his ability scripting to make his abilities run smoother and create less lag in-game

Bug Fixes:

  • The 4th Light attack in a combo should now be able to chain into a Special attack, regardless of AI difficulty
  • Knockback from some Light and Medium attacks have been reduced to decrease chance of dropping a combo
  • Fixed an issue where the Evade callout would incorrectly show up when a Champion is performing a Special attack
  • Fixed an issue where Champions could land a hit from their previous attack even after they triggered Evade
  • Fixed an issue where Armor Break would not always remove Armor Up Buffs
  • Fixed issues that were causing Dormammu to slow performance on some devices
  • Reduced the forward movement of Dormammu’s Medium attacks to bring him in line with other Champions
  • Made further improvement to make landing Medium attacks more consistent across different Champions
  • Fixed an issue causing Howard the Duck to not trigger his Regeneration against mutant opponents
  • Fixed Hawkeye and Gamora’s Signature Ability descriptions to note their “once per fight” limit
  • Fixed text error in The Hood’s Special 2 description
  • Added Duration of Armor Breaks in Thor’s Signature Ability description
  • Fixed an issue with switching Beast’s fight style mid-combo
  • Fixed an issue where The Hood’s Hex Damage on his Special 2 attack was not acting as Energy Damage
  • Fixed an issue where the Fury buff provided by Fury nodes wouldn’t interact with Nullify, and other abilities
  • Fixed an issue allowing Rogue’s Special 1 attack to be interrupted
  • Fixed an issue where the 2nd hit was missing in Abomination’s Special 2 attack  
  • Fixed an issue where players could not combo from base attacks into Ultron’s Special 2 attack
  • Improved the Inseparable Synergy (all Ranks) to give the correct Special 3 attack increase
  • Fixed an issue with Rank 3 of Despair Synergy causing it to reduce Healing by less than it should