New Event Quest: Secret Empire Forever, Character updates for Civil Warrior and Cyclops (New Xavier School)



Release Notes


V13.1 will be available on May 30th! Here’s what you need to know about our latest update…

New Event Quest | Secret Empire Forever

The dangerous and unstable symbiote Carnage has been unleashed into the Battlerealm, and Civil Warrior wants to bring him under control before someone gets hurt. With the help of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, they set out to round up the monster… but there’s more than one person after Cletus Kasady, and he’s far less forgiving. Play this brand new event quest starting June 7th!

Character Updates

Civil Warrior:

  • Two new abilities have been added to allow for Reinforced Armor and Armor Up Conversion
  • Signature Ability is now more effective when fighting Mutant Champions
  • Heavy Attack Heal Block duration is now increased from 3 to 5 seconds
  • Armor Up Buffs can now be triggered when Civil Warrior lands an attack in addition to his existing triggers
  • Duration for Armor Up Buffs has decreased from 10 to 7 seconds

Cyclops (New Xavier School):

  • New ability allows Cyclops to strike with Critical Hits even while the opponent is Blocking.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where players were experiencing a delay when trying to dodge (dash back) twice in a row
  • Fixed a bug causing Defender Kills to not appear in Alliance Wars
  • Fixed issue causing some Champions to miss attacks after Heavy Attacks
  • Fixed issue causing Elektra and Gwenpool to not reduce the chances of the enemy evading attacks
  • Fixed an issue where Doctor Voodoo’s dash back distance was shorter than other Champions
  • Fixed an issue causing The Hood’s Stagger to be considered a Debuff. It is now correctly marked as a Passive effect to match other Stagger Effects
  • Fixed an issue causing Karnak’s Special 1 to break Focus Ability
  • Fixed King Groot’s Armor Break description to correctly state the amount of Armor Rating being removed
  • Fixed an issue causing Captain Marvel, Ronan, and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) to gain a lower amount of PI than they should be from the Liquid Courage Masteries
  • Fixed an issue where Miles Morales was missing the flip kick attack in his Special 2 attack
  • Fixed an issue where character models were able to get within each other’s colliders
  • Fixed an issue where Electro’s Special 2 was not acting as a Projectile
  • Fixed an issue where the Double Edge Mastery will cause Cable’s Degeneration to activate
  • Fixed an issue which caused Doctor Voodoo’s SP2 to cause opponent’s with Mystic Dispersion to gain Power