Character Fixes




Version 12.1 - Originally Posted: 03-24-2017
Version 12.1 will be released March 27th. It is a bug fix-centric release that also has some optimizations for under the hood.

Character Fixes:
The Hood’s Special 1 Attack now delivers Energy damage.
Fixed an issue causing Daredevil not to Evade The Hood’s projectile attacks
Fixed an issue causing Daredevil not to Evade Punisher’s Special 2 Attack
Fixed an issue affecting timing of Unstoppable Colossus and Juggernaut’s Unstoppable buff
Fixed Rhino’s inflated PI values
Fixed an issue causing Ronan’s Stun Duration not to Increase as per his Signature Ability
Fixed an issue with Nightcrawler’s Bleed interacting with Deep Wounds
Fixed an issue where Archangel’s Special Attacks were dealing energy damage
Fixed an issue causing Nightcrawler’s Deep Wounds probability not to increase when the opponent has low armor
Fixed an issue causing Civil Warrior’s Signature ability from reducing SP damage while blocking
Archangel is now tagged as “Metal”
Fixed an Issue where Falcon’s Redwing Synergy was not increasing Critical Rating damage by the correct amount
Dormammu’s Special 2 attack now delivers energy based damage
Fixed an issue with Cable’s Special 2 attack where the opponent was able to recover and block the 2nd and 3rd hit of the attack
Fixed an issue with Yellowjacket’s Special attacks not activating his Signature Ability after Power Stings expiring