Dimensional Rifts, Portals, Auto Fight



Release Notes


Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” is in theaters on November 4th! There are powerful mystics at play, and the Battlerealm is not immune! Sorcerer’s Conclave has begun!

The Collector has organized a tourney for his many Mystic Champions, but something dark lurks in the background of this event. Doctor Strange, his old friend Mordo, and the enigmatic Doctor Voodoo decide to create a Mystic Council to uncover the hidden threat! As they travel the Battlerealm to gather their forces, it becomes clear something or someone is working against them…

The Collector has also added a new twist to the Battlerealm: Portals transform movement throughout The Contest, offering new challenges and new ways to see the Battlerealm!

As you battle through the Sorcerer’s Conclave, earn Dimension Shards to unlock Dimensional Rifts! These short duration quests come in four difficulty Tiers, much like Event Quests, each with increased rewards as well! The items found here can be extremely valuable, especially in the Master difficulty Rift.

Dimension Shards can also be exchanged for Dimension Crystals, but the rewards they contain will not be as effective as entering and completing the Dimensional Rifts.

Dimension Shards for each can be found in:

  • Event Quest Completion and Exploration Rewards
  • Alliance Events
  • Solo Events
  • …as well as the Dimensional Rifts themselves! Complete a Rift to gain Dimensional Shards for the next difficulty level of Rift!

Auto Fight is now available!

  • You can now sit back, relax and watch your Champions battle! This new feature allows the AI to take over for you.
  • We recommend that you use the feature when grinding with easier to medium level fights. While our AI is doing it’s best, it’s not as skilled as you!

UI Improvements (General):

  • A revamped Champion Info Screen showcases characters stats and abilities with more detail
    • The Champion Info Screen has been updated and overhauled. Summoners can now get an expanded view on their Champion’s base stats.
    • The Champion Upgrade Screen has been updated to allow for the selection of more than six ISO-8 at a time, behaving similarly to the Stash.
    • Champion tags tell you more about your Champions. Find out which Champions are good targets for Magneto’s Magnetism ability, or use the new Champion types to know who is good for Offensive or Defensive play styles.
  • Synergy Bonus Displays on Team Bars

Language Updates:

  • Now supporting Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue affecting Phoenix’s Max PI
  • Fixed bug causing characters to skip the evade animation and counterattack immediately
  • Fixed bug affecting amount of health regenerated after activating Phoenix’s Right of the Phoenix
  • Fixed a bug where Scarlet Witch’s Power Steal would activate with no effect. Each activation of Power Steal will deplete opponent’s Power Bar by 33% and add 5% of stolen Power to Scarlet Witch’s Power Bar.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Vision (Age of Ultron) and Star-Lord to stack Heal Block
  • Fixed an issue where a Mystic Symbioid on Map 5 would activate a Fate Seal that does not Trigger Willpower
  • Fixed Black Widow’s signature so she can no longer break through blocking Champions
  • Fixed Resonate’s info in Mastery tree to include the chance to activate

Character Changes:

  • Changed Juggernaut’s base Ability to combine both his Armor Up and Unstoppable buffs at the beginning of a fight into the new Cyttorak’s Favor ability. Juggernaut’s Unstoppable at the beginning of a fight will now scale as he ranks up, from anywhere between 2 – 3.3 Seconds
  • Altered Mirror Image to attempt to duplicate opponent Cruelty, Precision, Resistance, Fury, Armor Up and Regeneration Buffs every 7 seconds instead of immediately. Duplicated Buffs will be in effect for 6 seconds.
  • Reduced callout for Power Steal during Rogue’s Special 2 to One, instead of Once per hit. This has no effect of how much power is stolen, but simply clears up the screen.