Labyrinth of Legends, New Login Rewards, Alliance Updates, UI Improvements



Release Notes



  • New Login Rewards!
  • The Grandmaster has designed a lethal labyrinth to challenge Summoners. Introducing the new Labyrinth of Legends!
  • Champion updates and improvements
  • Leaderboard updates
  • Alliance bug fixes and UI updates
  • Performance/Memory changes and improvements

New Login Rewards!

In addition to the Free & Daily Crystals players can collect every 4 & 24 hours, we’re adding TWO new Login Calendars to the game. This will allow players to claim more free items on a weekly and monthly basis just for logging in!

Upon release of this feature, a Weekly Login Calendar will be available for players to obtain Premium Hero Crystal Shards. Players that log in all 7 days, within the calendar login week, will earn enough Crystal Shards for 1 complete Premium Hero Crystal. That’s 4 free Premium Hero Crystals a month! Players will need to continuously log in to build and sustain a calendar login streak for maximum rewards. Missing any day on a weekly calendar will reset your calendars progress.

On September 1st, the Monthly Login Calendar will make its debut. This calendar will be loaded with a variety of items such as Gold, Catalysts, Units, etc. It will also have its fair share of Crystals, including a new Login Crystal that is EXCLUSIVE to Login Calendars. This new Login Crystal can be claimed on Day 28 of a monthly calendar and it guarantees either a 3 or 4-Star version of a recently featured Champion!

Each monthly calendar will consist of 28 days, excess days within a calendar month will be considered a ‘grace day’. Grace days allow users to miss a couple of login days, however, don’t miss too many, as the number of grace days provided will vary depending on the number of days of each calendar month (e.g. October will have 3 grace days as it has 31 days in the month, June: 2 grace days, Feb: 0-1 grace days, etc). Once all grace days have been used up, missing additional days will result in a loss of monthly calendar rewards starting from the backend of the calendar – Day 28 descending.

A new monthly calendar will begin on the 1st of each month. We expect to change up the reward structure for each Login Calendar from time-to-time, so check back regularly to see what’s new!

Legends Update

  • New Labyrinth of Legends quest-set provides a Legendary challenge!
  • New Legends Leaderboard allows Legendary Summoners to compare their feats against one another.
  • Legends Points will retroactively be awarded to players who have earned a Legends Title in previous Legends Events.
  • For the full details on all things Legends/Labyrinth of Legends related – check out the forum post


  • A few Champions have updated base attack moves to better match their fighting style and personalities. The following Champions will have updated move sets:
    • Juggernaut
    • Hulk
    • Abomination
    • Thanos

Alliance Membership Updates

  • Improved communication and warning messages when you join or leave an alliance

Alliance Updates

  • New Alliance Quest maps Boss encounters.
  • Earn better rewards than ever before.
  • Fixed an Alliance Quest bug related to the timer that would freeze the game
  • Mail Messages when Alliance War is complete are now more clearly defined
  • Receiving partial rewards in Alliance War messages is more clearly defined
  • Tutorial on a hidden node or strategic view in the Alliance Quest is updated
  • Alliance event milestones will now display the value of the highest milestone
  • Milestone and Rank Rewards description and layout updated
  • Improved matchmaking performance

UI Improvements (General)

  • Items that were not appearing or faded in the Store is fixed
  • Featured Image and text for Rank Up Packages now displays correctly
  • Event Quest difficulty select screen is now correctly displayed
  • Alliance’s opponent info link is now updated
  • Modifier for Battle Chips in the Reward menu display is updated
  • Updated Alliance War and Alliance Event progress bar alignment
  • Updated alliance invites and friend request screen
  • Updated active alliance events on banner and fight screen
  • Stash reward info tip UI updated

Leaderboard Improvements

  • Leaderboard Region now shows your country
  • Leaderboard Friends now shows ranking
  • Banned users are removed from Friends and Alliances Leaderboards
  • Alliance Rating and Alliance Icon Screen updated
  • Improved Animation skipping during duplicate Champion crystals

Misc Changes and Fixes

  • View Champion’s abilities from the Pre-Fight screen by tapping on the Ability info button.
  • Time required to qualify for rank and milestone rewards in Alliance Events is now more clearly displayed.
  • Double Edge buff has been fixed
  • Masteries green glow and info page has been updated
  • Boost Tutorial for beginners updated
  • Solo Events alliance, timers and progress bar info and screens updated

Performance/Memory/Load Times/Frame Rate Changes and Improvements

  • Server optimizations reduced heavy load times
  • Bug causing the game to crash when gifting alliance members has been fixed
  • Improved optimizations for lower memory/performance devices