PvP Improvements, Exclusive New Abilities, New Quest Content, New Status Effects




• New abilities are awakened when receiving a duplicate 2-Star or above hero
• Greatly improved framerates and loading times
• Chat can now be disabled in the Settings screen
• Improvements to PvP matchmaking
• New Adaptoids have been added, including the rare Treasure Adaptoid
• Some Class Relationships updated, and can be viewed from the Edit Team screen
• Many gameplay improvements, including new effects and resistances
• Made defender Special move power gains less skewed in the defender’s favor
• Chat can now be disabled in the Settings screen
• Added Turkish language support

• The pre-fight screen has been updated to display Champion abilities
• Your full team is now visible on the pre-fight screen
• Added a cutscene after each Act in the Story
• More items appear in the Inventory screens
• Added Turkish language support

Exclusive New Abilities:
• Duplicate 2-Star, 3-Star, and 4-Star Champions now awaken a brand new ability unique to that Champion in addition to the rare ISO8 they currently give. Duplicates thereafter continue to level-up this ability to make it stronger. When a Champion is awakened, their Stars turn bright and glow, making them easy to identify (and look pretty cool too). These new abilities can be quite powerful, so please fight responsibly!

PvP Improvements:
• Adjusted matchmaking difficulty
• Added Chat support during PvP screens
• Various other improvements, including rank and level information for opponents, find match options in team select, and animation tuning.

New Quest Content:
• There is now a chance to encounter the elusive Treasure Adaptoid, who divulges his hoard of ISO8 and Gold to those able to defeat him in battle.
• Class Relationships can be viewed by tapping “Enemy Classes” before entering a quest, and preview the number of enemies in that quest for each class type.
• You can also now see rewards for completion and exploration on the Edit Team screen.

Opponent AI:
• Opponents are more aware of the distance between you and them, improving their interaction with knockback effects, such as that from Heavy Attacks.

Champion Classes:
• The Collector has updated the rules of the contest! Some Classes that were effective against other classes have changed:

Mutant Champions are now effective against Skill Champions.
• The high Special Attack damage and regenerative abilities of Mutant Champions are effective against Skill Champions, which typically rely on Bleed damage from their weaponry. We think of this relationship as if the X-Gene grants Mutant Champions superpowers that evolved to be stronger than Champions that are merely “Skilled”.

Skill Champions are now effective against Science Champions.
• While scientists fiddle in their cute little laboratories to create flasks full of serums to turn even frail young men into super-soldiers, Skill Champions were just born that way baby. Often donning sharp weaponry to make their opponents Bleed, Skill Champions enjoy watching the high base attributes of Science Champions just melt away.

Cosmic Champions are now effective against Tech Champions.
• Tech Champions construct durable robots and thick suits of Armor to outlast their opponents in battles of tank-the-nuke...which gives Cosmic Champions extra time to build up stacks of beneficial effects to overrun Tech Champions using their peculiar alien enhancements.

Some Class relationships remain unchanged:

• Tech Champions are still effective against Mutant Champions.
Tech Champions typically excel at Armor, Resistance, and Power manipulation, which is effective against the high Special Attack damage of Mutant Champions. Think of the robotic Sentinels adapting for tactical advantages in the war against Mutantkind!

Science Champions are still effective against Mystic Champions.
• Science Champions – a Class of behemoths like Hulk and super-soldiers like Captain America – typically have above average base attributes like Health, Attack, and Armor. These raw stats cannot be affected by pesky Mystics and their removal abilities: Nullify and Purge.

Mystic Champions are still effective against Cosmic Champions.
• Cosmic Champions explore strange new beneficial effects to seek out new power and new abilities, to boldly take their attributes where no class has gone before. Well, not if Mystic Champions – who are fully capable of stripping Cosmic Champions of their beneficial effects – have anything to say about it! Maybe it’s the Mystic Agenda to protect the secrets of the universe?

These changes ensure that having a Class Bonus always gives you the advantage it promises, as it now also reflects ability trends for a particular Class. Please keep in mind that these are generalizations, and some Champions abilities may not always strictly align with these relationships. Learn more about Champions’ abilities by viewing their profiles and tapping on features for detailed information.

Defender Power Gain:
• When you attack someone, you charge up their Power in addition to yours. This meant they would reach a full three bars while you only reached one and a half. We've reduced the amount defenders receive such that you'll be at two bars when they're at three. This change maintains the underdog functionality to give defenders a chance to comeback while being less punishing to players earning high Combos.

New damage types for attacks now play a larger role in the abilities of Champions. For example, some heroes power-up by successfully blocking magical damage, while others’ abilities may harm anyone that makes physical contact with them.

New Resistances and Immunities have found their way to the Battlerealm. Some heroes are completely immune to specific status effects based on either lore from the comics or logic. For example, the android Vision has no blood, and is therefore fully immune to Bleed conditions. We’ve also strengthened the effectiveness of certain status effects, so be careful who you choose to bring into battle! Could you guess who might be immune to the new “Poison” condition?

Five powerful new status effects:
• Poison: Inflicts damage over time and reduces healing and regeneration effectiveness.
• Unstoppable: A buff to shrug off the impact from attacks, but still take the damage.
• Weakness: A debuff that reduces Attack attributes.
• Heal Block: Fully prevents the target from gaining health in any way.
• Power Lock: Seals the target, preventing them from gaining any Power.

Stacking Status Effects:
• When fighting, you may notice that many status effects are now able to stack. This also changes how certain beneficial “buffs” and detrimental “debuffs” interact with one another. For example, it's now possible to have both Armor Up and Armor Break effects on you simultaneously. Let the tug-o-war begin, and may the strongest effects win!

Special Attacks:
Many heroes have received updates to their special attacks:
• Black Bolt's Corkscrew: +25% damage, but at the cost of minor recoil damage.
• Punisher's “Wrath” has been replaced by "Payback". Payback deals additional damage based on the total damage dealt to Frank.
• Colossus' “Unbreakable” now deal bonus damage based on his armor level at the time of activation.
• All of Black Panther’s special attacks now deal bonus damage based on the number of Bleeds on the target.
• Spider-Man’s Web-Slinger now has a chance to inflict Weakness.
• Thor, Ronan, Storm receive +10% damage for their first Special Attack
• Vision’s Physical Disruption: Added a minor Power Burn effect due to “his” use of his Infrared Beam. “He” also now purges all status effects while phasing through the ground.
• Scarlet Witch: Increased the Critical Hit Chance for Hex Bolt and Hex Sphere.

All Attacks:
• Many knockback effects have been adjusted to improve consistency.