23.02.2009 21:11:03
Added two new projects
Added two of our latest projects: glyph cards (currently only in slovak language, Informačná hra KARTIČKY - sociálna sieť zameraná na hodnotenie) and ORCA (commad-line Win32 subtitles downloader/uploader application)
11.02.2009 23:39:01
Projects page implemented ...
Implemented the first (of many ;) design of the projects page, some projects are already up and can be enjoyed.
30.12.2008 12:11:23
Front page design
We have designed and introduced the front page design which should serve as a crossroads for all who happen to stumble to our site. We hope you enjoy it.
12.12.2008 16:38:37
Registered new domain ...
I finally got around to choose and register a new domain so here it is. There are many projects that will be introduced here, it just takes some time to develop, design and introduce them so please bear with us while we're getting ready.
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